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🀩 20% off SoftFlex & 15% off Siser Glitter!

Mr. Crafty Pants sent this email to their subscribers on July 4, 2023.

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Hey mr-crafty-pants, I just saw an amazing deal that I couldn't wait to tell y'all about! 🀩 The folks at 143Vinyl are offering a whopping 20% off on my absolute FAVORITE choice for heat transfer vinyl... SoftFlex HTV. This stuff is super easy to weed, but it also applies like a dream and holds up incredibly well over time. It's like the unicorn of HTVβ€”beautiful, durable, & hassle-free!🀣 🀣 Click Here to Shop StarCraft Softflex & Use Code πŸ‘‰ "SOFTFLEX20" - 20% OFF Vb ol Foladr 4 PRI V7,7 o SOFTFLEX SHEETS COUPON CODE: SOFTFLEX20 0 AT S And that's not all! They're also offering 15% off on Siser Glitter HTV with code "SHEETS15". Let me tell you, this stuff is πŸͺ„pure magic and it adds a mesmerizing sparkle to anything you apply it to. 😎 T-shirts, bags, totes, hats....they all look amazing with a touch of Siser Glitter HTV. Click Here to Shop Siser Glitter HTV & Use Code πŸ‘‰ "SHEETS15" 5y o off 12X 12 12X 20 t TV Sheets SHEETS15 TN But hey, don't wait too long! This offer won't stick around forever. Head over to 143Vinyl and take advantage of these fantastic savings. Your crafting projects will thank you! Consider it a little tip from one friend to another. Happy crafting, Michael ❀️ DISCLOSURE: As a 143Vinyl Affiliate I earn from qualifying purchases using my links. This does not cost you anything extra and it helps support the free Cricut tutorials that I create. Thank you so, SO much for all of your support! | | 113 Cherry St #92768, Seattle, Washington 98104
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