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CREATE ARTS ONLINE Hello Create Arts Online Friends! R 's T Copictown with Sunny Carvalho What if I told you there's a remarkable way to unlock the full potential of a special kind of colored marker that can be a game changer in your art practice? Allow me to introduce you to Sunny Carvalho and her world of "Copictown"! "Copictown" is based on Sunny's incredible imagination and the Copic Marker. These markers are unlike any other blending marker you've encountered. They offer a unique alcohol-free formulation that allows for brilliant layering that will give your work vibrancy, depth, and shading. Copic Markers are not light fast, but that should not stop you from exploring the endless possibilities of using these markers in your art journals and other mixed media projects. Click here to watch Sunny's Promotional video and gain a glimpse into the this fun and creative course. We are offering $10.00 off this course for a limited time! Just like all of our courses here at CAO you will have lifetime access to this course allowing you watch and learn at your leisure and convenience in the comforts of your studio or art space. Not only are we thrilled to launch Sunny's latest course but we have a very special offer for you today! Sunny's first two courses she produced with us here CAO are now on sale. Whimsical Character and Creating in Dollandia are being offered at very low price for a limited time! Jump in now and save! Each course is now $67.00 and if you choose the Bundle option of these two courses you will save 15% off both courses when purchased together. Whimsical Character with Sunny Carvalho Creating in Dollandia with Sunny Carvalho At Create Arts Online, we believe that creativity knows no boundaries. Whether you're a seasoned artist or just beginning to explore your artistic side, our courses cater to all skill levels and offer a wealth of knowledge and inspiration. Our instructors are passionate about their craft and bring a wealth of talent and experience to their courses, ensuring an enriching and rewarding learning experience for each student. Unleash your creativity, experiment with new mediums, and watch your artistic skills flourish. Until next time be well and keep creating~ Tami Macala Create Arts Online Founder | | 113 Cherry St #92768, Seattle, WA 98104-2205 BUILT WITH O ConvertKit
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