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Hello Create Arts Online Friends! Nothing gives us greater joy than hearing the wonderful feedback from our students as they learn and create from our CAO platform. We love how our students crave the experience of making art as they expand and grow as creators and artists. Even though each of our instructors is not physically with you while creating, we hear you. Sometimes, you share your challenges, and we want to guide you through these moments. Today’s email is all about Tips and Tricks! Sarah Gardner of Juicy S Art is sharing today’s tip! Sarah’s course Juggling Journals is filled with an abundance of techniques for creating spreads in multiple art journals or any surface you want to work on. Sarah shared that some of her students would like to learn how to create smaller Marks and Doodles in their work. Here is Sarah’s tip: Today's Tip with Sarah Gardner For me, it's all about creating along the way. The layering process is about creating opportunities to assist in my decision-making about the next steps. For example, we add a layer of unifying gesso to collage so that we have a new, "free" surface to add colorful media and marks. If we don't push back a colorful layer this way, the next layer of color doesn't get a chance to shine. But we don't cover everything with every layer, so we will see original collage pieces shining through all the way to the last layers; and we will have white areas that we have not covered up with media in a subsequent layer. With each layer, we create a new and varied landscape to work within the creative process of actively choosing our next moves. As we approach the last layers, the additions get smaller and we begin to add smaller marks and doodles. We add tiny dots with a fine nib black paint pen to lighter areas; we can add lighter paint pen dots to colorful lines of oil pastel we added at the margins earlier; and we can add little hash marks, doodles, or dots to darker areas with a white gel pen or paint pen. So, the key really is to layer over, but not completely cover, the prior layer, so that you have plenty of spaces like this to work with in adding your finishing marks. If you are ready to learn, expand, and grow as a creator our Spring Sale is the perfect time to dive in! Save 10% off ALL of our courses. Use coupon code SPRING2024 at purchase. You can use this code as often as you like. Click here to check out our courses, which include personal interviews with each artist. You can learn more about them and what inspires them to create. You might be enjoying a beautiful sunny spring day where you are. Do not fret. You can buy and save now, then learn and create when you are ready to be back indoors 🙂 Until next time, keep learning and keep creating~ Create Arts Online Founder | | 113 Cherry St #92768, Seattle, WA 98104-2205 BUILT WITH O ConvertKit
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