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MOSATC ARTS ONLINE Hello Mosaic Arts Online Friends! I hope this email finds you in high spirits and brimming with creativity! Spring is blossoming around us, and once again here at MAO HQ we are reaping the benefits of feeding our chickens tomatoes as we are swimming in volunteer tomato plants everywhere! Now will be the fight to harvest what we want before they do!! But back to our world of creating mosaic art and we couldn't think of a better time to invite you to explore this captivating world through our online courses. And the icing on the cake? We're thrilled to announce our exclusive Spring Sale, offering you an irresistible opportunity to embark on your mosaic journey at a discounted rate. One of many groupings of our volunteer tomatoes at MAO HQ Click here to jump on over to MAO and use coupon code SPRING23 for purchasing as many courses as you like ALL at 10% off! You have until Sunday 5/28 at midnight to take advantage of this offer. I believe that everyone possesses an innate artistic talent waiting to be unleashed. Whether you're a beginner seeking to dive into a new hobby or an experienced mosaic artist looking to refine your skills, our comprehensive range of online courses has something for everyone. - Check out the latest works from a few of our online students: "No Words" Jane S. Jane created her piece "No Words" and shared this with us. "I have taken 30 classes from MAO. I started with the basic, learning about materials, substrates, and adhesives. Then I learned about techniques and studied the examples of so many gifted artists. I embraced my failures and successes. It’s all a journey to enjoy." Jane S. - Debbie G. created her first Pebble Mosaic Series and now has it beautifully installed in her garden. She practiced on a few pieces before she got the hang of it but with the guidance of her MAO instructor Kathleen Doody the results are phenomenal. - Still life of glass and pitcher by Robin Woltman Here is Robin Woltman's latest piece and what she had to say "I am taking Carol Shelkin's Transparent, Translucent, and Opaque in Mosaic Art course and am trying my hand at creating a mosaic with a similar effect. I’m pretty happy with how it’s going, so far. My plan will be to grout with Starlike Crystal EVO once it’s finished. - We are hoping these works and many others will inspire you to embark on your own mosaic art adventures. Once you purchase a course you will have lifetime access and be able to review any section as often as you like. Whether you're an early bird or a night owl, our platform is available 24/7, allowing you to fit your creative pursuits into your busy schedule. With each course you will have your instructor right there by your side every step of the way! As MAO celebrates seven years of creating content for our mosaic art community we have a robust selection of courses from the fundamentals to advanced techniques, our course catalog covers a wide range of mosaic art styles and techniques to cater to every skill level and interest. We realize you have many choices when it comes to learning mosaic art. Remember, this is not just about creating beautiful pieces—it's a meditative and therapeutic experience that allows you to express yourself and unlock your creative potential. So why not embrace the vibrant colors and positive energy of this spring and infuse your life with mosaic art and inspiration? We can't wait to see what you learn and create! Until next time be well and keep creating~ Tami Macala Mosaic Arts Online Founder | | 113 Cherry St #92768, Seattle, WA 98104-2205 BUILT WITH O ConvertKit
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