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Hello Mosaic Arts Online Friends! Creator's block happens to all of us.... We talk about creator’s block. That moment when we sit down to our work, and nothing comes. Inspiration is lost, and we have nothing. How do we get that spark back? That desire to pull out the materials and let the flow happen. It happens to all of us. The “block”. I get it when I need to write a fresh newsletter? It is not just when I want to create a mosaic art piece. The distractions of life pile up, and it takes work to really focus on creativity. Our creativity is energy. It is available to us at all times. It constantly changes, generating some sort of movement, and sometimes that energy gets stagnant or evaporates. What if we were to surrender to this stagnation or “block”? Sit with it. Let it be, observe it, and check in with it. Don’t fight or overanalyze it; maybe it will become a path to something we may not have expected. Some of our MAO students have generously shared their experiences with “creator’s block” at our Foundations and Fundamentals platform. One student shared that taking one or two MAO courses inspired new ideas and showed different ways to create on one of these unexpected paths. Others talk about pulling out materials and just playing with them. NOT EVERY PROJECT NEEDS TO HAVE AN END RESULT. Practicing, cutting, placing, and trying out different color and shape combinations can lead to new ideas and new work. If you have abandoned a project, maybe now is the time to take it out. Look at it with new eyes. Have you learned some new skills since you last worked on it? Now is your chance to let go of what you anticipate the future outcome and BE in the present moment. You are lucky to have the inspiration to create and the tools and skills to learn more about this creative medium. Don’t be hard on yourself when these “creator blocks” come. Observe, Be, and Surrender. Energy is constantly moving and changing. You won’t stay blocked forever, I promise Tami Mosaic Arts Online Founder | | 113 Cherry St #92768, Seattle, WA 98104-2205 BUILT WITH O ConvertKit
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