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Create Arts Online! Hello Create Arts Online Friends! Between the Eclipses I am dropping into your inbox guessing you are passionate about art, primarily mixed media art, as I am correct? There is nothing I love more than being able to connect our Create Arts Online community with incredibly talented artists. We know many of you love to learn and create while being in the comforts of your studio or art space. What’s even better is learning more about our artists and getting a little behind-the-scenes of where they make their magic happen. We are thrilled to bring to you one of those artists. Yulia Hanansen is the newest instructor to join our Create Arts Online line-up, and she fits right in. Yulia has been an instructor with our sister company, Mosaic Arts Online, for many years, but now she has crossed over, and we could not be happier. Yulia is one of those artists who, no matter what medium she dives into, is very good at it. She is an oil painter, mosaic artist, and printmaker. You may be familiar with Yulia and her latest course, “Linocut Prints for Beginners.” Yulia has been a printmaker for over thirty years and teaches her techniques as a professor at her local university. Join Yulia and me as we sit down (virtually, of course) from her printmaking studio in Baltimore, MD, as we discuss what it is like to be drawn to her different art mediums. We will go LIVE this Wednesday at 2:30p PST/ 5:30 pm EST. During our LIVE Event, Yulia will showcase many pieces from each of these mediums and discuss what it is like to balance her art practice, including her work, commissions, exhibitions, and teaching. Click the play button below at the designated time. If you cannot join us, this event will be recorded and available at the same link at the conclusion. video preview We hope you will join us for this very informative and inspiring art talk! Wednesday September 20th 2:30pm PST/ 5:30pm EST! Blue Moon, Half Moon, Red Moon Until next time be well and keep creating~ Tami Create Arts Online Founder | | 113 Cherry St #92768, Seattle, WA 98104-2205 Built with ConvertKit
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