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Hello Create Arts Online Friends! Juggling Journals with Sarah Gardner If you've opened this email, there is a good chance you love to create! Whether with paints, papers, clay, or any other mixed-media medium, you are in it to feel creative and be in that flow we all love. There is no pressure, no inner critics, and no schedule—just letting go and seeing what happens. That's when we can pull out our favorite art supplies and let the fun begin! Sarah Gardner's course, Juggling Journals, is a one-of-a-kind experience! It is a deep dive into the art of layering with multiple mixed-media art techniques and using your intuition to guide you. Click here to watch Sarah's FREE Promotional video, which gives a peek inside the course, and to receive your $20.00 discount until Sunday at midnight. This course is loaded with easy mixed-media techniques that result in beautiful, interesting, layered art journal pages. You can use all or just a few of them to create your own pages. No footage is sped up; we believe in creating with the artist as you learn. One student even asked if she created with Sarah and learned her techniques, would she be able to frame her spread pages instead of closing them up in her journal, and we said YES!!!! We cannot wait to see what you learn and create with Sarah by your side any time of day or night! So many layers, so many techniques....what are you waiting for? Until next time, keep learning and keep creating~ Create Arts Online Founder | | 113 Cherry St #92768, Seattle, WA 98104-2205 BUILT WITH O ConvertKit
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