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CREATE ARTS ONLINE Hello Create Arts Online Friends! Now is your time! Summer Sale 2023 I am here dropping into your inbox ready to send you on a creative adventure. As summer is starting to turn the corner and back to school is sneaking up on us we need to take in every last ounce of that golden light and get inspired to create. What better way to do that than with our SUMMER SALE here at Create Arts Online! Enjoy a 10% discount on as many courses as you like! From now until August 27th, we're thrilled to offer you the opportunity to snag your favorite courses from your favorite instructors at prices that will keep your wallet as happy as your inner artist. CLICK HERE and use coupon code SUMMER2023 to get as many courses as you like. With lifetime access you can purchase now and watch and create at your schedule and speed. We designed our platform for people just like you, learning and creating at your own pace. But that's not all – each course features a dedicated comment section where you can seek guidance, tips, and advice directly from your instructor. It's almost as if you have a personal mentor guiding you through every step of the journey. Whether you're a seasoned mixed media enthusiast looking to refine your techniques or a curious beginner eager to start a new creative journey, we've got just the right courses waiting for you. Think of it as your virtual artist's retreat, complete with a canvas of creativity and a palette of possibilities. By joining Create Arts Online, you'll not only get access to a treasure trove of techniques and ideas but also become a part of our vibrant community of fellow creators on our private Facebook group, Students of Create Arts Online. Wishing you the rest of an amazing summer filled with colors, creativity, and endless inspiration! Until next time be well and keep creating~ Tami Create Arts Online Founder | | 113 Cherry St #92768, Seattle, WA 98104-2205 BUILT WITH O ConvertKit
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