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Create and Wear Your Mosaic Jewelry. Elevated Mosaic Jewelry with Margo Anton is LIVE now!

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Hello Mosaic Arts Online Friends! As we all work in our studios or art space to create our version of mosaic art, many of us would love to see our work appreciated or seen by a wider audience. As we all know, one way to get our work out there is through social media or other publicity avenues. There is so much we could cover on this topic; I plan to write more about it in the future. So stay tuned. Now imagine if the work YOU created could be worn as beautiful jewelry. Margo Anton has brought her latest course, “Elevated Mosaic Jewelry,” exclusively to Mosaic Arts Online. This is Margo’s follow-up course to her original “Smalti Mosaic Jewelry” online course. We are offering a $20.00 discount on this course for a limited time. Click here to check out Margo’s FREE Promotional video, which will give you a look inside the course, our personal and fun interview, and to receive your discount. We have also included an extra special offer of $40.00 off Margo's Smalti Mosaic Jewelry when you purchase Elevated Mosaic Jewelry (these must be purchased simultaneously.) Margo offers six unique projects in this course that will set you on a path to learning, creating, and feeling gratified as you wear your next pendant or gift a pair of earrings to a loved one. Margo has designed this course in a specific order. As the course progresses, each project introduces more challenges and builds on the previous one. With over 15 years of creating mosaic jewelry, Margo shares every pitfall and mistake she has encountered, teaching you how to avoid them and create with ease. In this course, you will start with learning the Essentials before diving into the six projects Margo teaches: * Optimal Lighting and Ergonomic Setup: Create comfortably with the best lighting and seating arrangements. * Preferred Tools: Discover Margo’s favorite wheeled nippers and how to use them effectively. * Base Selection and Preparation: Choose and prep your bases for a flawless start. * Gold Cutting Techniques: Learn to cut gold into perfect sizes for your designs. * Incorporating Unique Materials: Explore various materials to make your pieces stand out. * Adhesive Mixing and Application: Master the art of mixing adhesives and applying them correctly. * Cleaning Tips: Margo’s method for cleaning the adhesive while working on each piece If you are ready to step out with your new favorite handmade pieces of mosaic jewelry or give gifts to loved ones, this is the course for you! Until next time, keep learning and keep creating~ Mosaic Arts Online Founder | | 113 Cherry St #92768, Seattle, WA 98104-2205 BUILT WITH O ConvertKit
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