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Modern Botanical sent this email to their subscribers on May 17, 2023.

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Welcome! Save 10% On Your First Order MODERN BOTANICAL Save up to 50% off on Imperfect Frames SHOP NOW Manufacturing is NOT a perfect process and mistakes happen. Have you ever wondered what happens to products from your favorite brands that don't make the cut?Β Β  Modern Botanical has been setting aside our mistakes for a while now and it's time to give them a home. In many cases these would be products that wouldn't be accepted for delivery and end up likely in a landfill somewhere without a business like Imperfect Product to fill that supply chain gap.Β  For us, these are useable, beautiful products that we've taken the time to sand, finish, and wrap ever so nicely. But they do have something that keeps them from making it to our shelves.Β  So if you've been eyeing a few of our products and want the best deal around - check out our Imperfect Frames section here. Items are limited, get them while they're around!Β  Why This is ImportantΒ Β  We've been wanting to launch a 'blems' section for a long long time at our shop. For one, we never wanted to throw away products that look so good and yet were not quite up to standard for our customers. We feel like offering these is pretty unique to our business and other businesses that do their own manufacturing. Otherwise no business is paying for shipping and taking delivery for items that are not "perfect". But these are damn close to perfect and we love them.Β  Most products in our own homes are in these categories and we've since filled our friend's homes with these too. Now it's your turn to have a go at them. Our hope is that they don't last long and exist in limited supply most of the time.Β  Either way, we love this as it fits with our vision of running a business that cares for the earth and makes plant care accessible to all. Enjoy!Β  SHOP NOW See What Your Fellow Plant Parents Say About Us: 0.0 0.6 These planters are so beautiful! But even better than that they are so incredibly easy to put up! The wall hanging pattern and nails included is key! This was a great experience and will definitely be purchasing more and have already recommended them to family! -Hillary B. 1.0 0.0 I am absolutely in love with my wall hangars. They are beautiful, easy installation and the perfect addition to my entry way! Customer service was incredible when was missing a nail, they even sent free liquid nutrients in addition to the nails! 100% recommenal!! -Marisa G 1.0 0.0 .6 Not only a nicely designed piece but also solid construction and high quality materials. The woodwork inlay is thoughtful and makes it stand out as an artisan product vs. what might have been able to build or a cheapmass-produced product used my own plant cuttings and it looks great on my wall near a window. A creative way to display and tend plants! -S. Dun SHOP NOW MODERN BOTANICAL Not loving growing in our frames? Get a full refund! fjg 6@ shop 9 FREE SHIPPING 120-DAY MONEY-BACK BUY NOW, OVER $85 GUARANTEE NG
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