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MODERN BOTANICAL E; JENDE For Low IIaltenaf seplants ;J SHOP NOW If you're anything like us - you love having flourishing plant life in your living spaces but don't love the unique upkeep needs plants in soil mediums often have. It can be a lot to manage and losing that one cherished plant can hurt.  We're here to tell you there is hope to have a thriving and luscious home. Here are the 3 steps you'll want to take for easy forgiving houseplants:  1. Put them in water! Yes! We know it sounds crazy but many houseplants grow roots that are acclimated to water and - given periodic water refreshes - will grow healthy roots and beautiful new leaves. Don't just stick your plant in water, soil and all, there are specific instructions on propagating plants that we have for you here. The good news is that often times you can just take a cutting and let your existing plant live on!   2. Refresh water 2 to 6 weeks: This is the primary plant care for your plants in water. The timing of it doesn't matter at all from plant to plant or variety to variety. All that's important is that it gets done so your plant roots have access to fresh oxygen that is held between the water molecules. That's the science behind it :) 3. Add nutrient drops for extra credit: Growing plants in water feels like magic at first. Which isn't exactly the case, just a wonder of nature. However, your plants will eventually want a bit of nutrition that can easily be provided in the form of a few drops. Fortunately we have those available for you here - and they're so fun and easy.  The good news is that you don't have to wait for us to get started. We make lovely beautiful frames that work as stunning wall decor - but growing plants in water is easy for anyone. So grab a glass from your cupboard, a cutting from your favorite plant, and give it a try!  Best, Conrad  CHECKOUT SOME OF OUR FAVORITE PRODUCTS BELOW!  Image of Ochoco Plant Wall Set Ochoco Plant Wall Set Image of Walnut Propagation Shelf Walnut Propagation Shelf Image of Tall Neck Orb Vase - Small Tall Neck Orb Vase - Small SHOP NOW  . Modern Botanical LLC 3852 Fourth Avenue Rear Building San Diego, California 92103
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