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Why Trigger Point? Is stretching just as good?

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Discover how trigger point massage therapy can provide relief from muscle pain and tension - read our latest blog post now!

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MITIGATE STRESS Email Image READ OUR LATEST ARTICLE Are you experiencing muscle pain, tension or tightness? Our new blog post, "Why Trigger Point?," explains how trigger point massage therapy can help you release tension from specific points of your body and promote healing and relaxation, especially for tight or dehydrated fascia. In this informative blog post, we delve into the mechanics of trigger-point massage therapy, discuss its benefits and provide some video resources to help guide you in your trigger-point exercises. We also explore how fascia is affected by trigger point release therapy and explain how it is superior to stretching for tight or dehydrated fascia. If you're dealing with tight muscles and fascia or simply looking to add a new element to your wellness routine, trigger point massage therapy is definitely worth considering. Check out the link to read our new blog post: Why Trigger Point? We hope you find the information useful and consider incorporating this technique into your lifestyle. As always, thank you for your continued support. In Christ, Nick & Nathan P.S. Don't forget to follow us on social media to stay up to date on the latest tips and tricks for mitigating stress and promoting wellness! Product Image b Master Mineral Drink Swing Top Bottle - 32oz Shop now S MATTANIAH PREMIUM SHILAJIT TABLETS Shilajit Tablets - 180ct. Shop now MATTANIAH Pore Sl Resn Shilajit Resin - 50g Shop now Product Image Magnesium Bath - 64 oz. Shop now Product Image - E Shilajit Mineral Drops Shop now Product Image MMD Travel - 8oz Shop now Mitigate Stress © Mitigate Stress Inc 2021 All Rights Reserved. P.O. Box 158, Haymarket, VA 20168  Stay In Touch! social iconsocial icon | | Forward to a Friend
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