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Is light addictive? Could it be the silent culprit behind your health woes? Dive into our latest newsletter to discover how the right type of light at the right times can revolutionize your well-being.

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Email Image Happy Wednesday! Light is addictive. Light is a drug. If we get the wrong kind of light all day, this is a catastrophic problem. You have to have the right type of light at the right times and mitigate the bad light at the wrong times.  After sunset, we want you to start blocking all artificial (man-made) blue light from your appliances. Use tape for this. With your screens, they should have a red tint to them, and you should be utilizing blue-blocking glasses with red lenses. With your light bulbs, the easiest thing to do is to ditch the LED lighting at night and opt for a GembaRed red light device to be used directly on your skin for incredible healing and benefits and as a non-stress source of ambient lighting. You can use code MGS10 for 10% off at GembaRed.  In the A.M. at sunrise, do your best to get some morning sun in your eyes for about 15-60 minutes during the sunrise. The light at sunrise has different wavelengths than during the afternoon, helping your circadian rhythm. Also, utilize blue-blocking glasses in the daytime (yellow lenses) to mitigate the harmful effects of blue light from prolonged hours at work or home. You can also use red light in the daytime as ambient lighting if you are under artificial light and have a bright blue screen in front of you; this red light drowns out some of the blue light. Generally, when you are blue light toxic due to too much technology usage, you may have multiple different symptoms and risks, but all of those risks stem from lowered melatonin levels in the brain. We also know that dopamine levels are reduced in the process. These both lead to psychological problems and hormone problems because dopamine is one of the guardians of the pituitary gland. Melatonin happens to be a guardian to the organelles in your cells that happen to make all the energy in your body.  In other words, melatonin is extremely important. All it takes is a tiny little bit of blue light after sunset to shut off melatonin production for at least 4 hours and ramp up cortisol because your eye reads that artificial light as if it's 12 o'clock solar noon in Africa. People need to be aware of the collateral effects of melatonin. Yes, it affects sleep, but blue light by itself raises blood glucose and insulin. If you are blue light toxic, it is equivalent to you eating 5 cheesecakes a day. That profoundly affects the immune system, blood glucose, and insulin rise. You are at a much higher risk for "viral disease" but also at a much higher risk for "mold and fungal infections." The other thing we should be blocking from these toxic light spectrums are harmful frequencies, such as 435 - 465nm. Honestly, melatonin disruption is the elephant in the room, but protection should go all the way up to 500 nanometers. Unfortunately, most protection on iPhones, screens, etc., is not strong enough. This is why we must utilize blue light-blocking glasses and a screen filter and always have a red light present in the presence of blue light/junk light.  EMF is extremely dehydrating. Try your best to mitigate your EMF exposure, whether it be phone usage, tablet and laptop usage, EMF from Wi-Fi routers, electronics, etc. Even outlets can emit dirty electricity that can be fairly toxic from prolonged exposure. Here, we use Greenwave plug-ins. In our blog, The Science of Blue Light, you can read more about blue light and its effects on the body. In Christ, Nick & Nathan Check Out Our Website Mitigate Stress © Mitigate Stress Inc 2021 All Rights Reserved. P.O. Box 158, Haymarket, VA 20168  Stay In Touch! social iconsocial icon | | Forward to a Friend
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