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MGS Hydration Guide Week 6

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MITIGATE STRESS Welcome to Week 6 of the Hydration Guide. This week we dive into a few upper body concepts in this very active workshop.  Click here to watch the video. You will need an elastic band to tie up on a post and then around the base of your skull as you stand in PPP and step backward. Dopamineo is a great investment that we recommend looking into for total body workout equipment. We will dive into that in the near future. Drill #1 The upper body workshop starts with PPP as a free-standing warm-up and then against the wall. Once we are warmed up 3-5 sets or so, 60-90 seconds each set, then we begin our first major drill. Drill #2  The first major drill is the Standing PPP Banded Neck Resistance. You’ll want to get familiar with the postural activation known as MEWING- tongue pressed to the roof of the mouth. Do your best to resist the band, step back, stand super tall, and play with the arms; we recommend pulling the arms back and always going as wide as possible. Avoid feeling your lower back and focus on the upper back/back of the neck. Remember to practice PPP posture- tuck the butt, chest up, and neck back. This is an incredible corrective exercise. You should spend a good amount of time on it, roughly 3-5 sets, 60-90 seconds at the very least. Drill #3 Next, we begin exploring some dynamic twisting variations. We start with slow movement. The arm forward is internally rotating and reaching far, and the arm back is externally rotating and reaching far. Explore carefully, and get super tall and wide. Breathe slow and deep, and focus on BUTEYKO breathing. The next video will cover this type of breathing in more depth. Keep the feet/knees pointed forward and hip-width apart while squeezing the feet inwards or outwards. We will slowly build up the pace for the latter portion of this drill. Start slow and gradually build up. We are reaching, twisting from the belly button, and stretching. Drill #4 Next, we start playing with a more linear trajectory with the arms. Instead of swinging the arms side to side, we begin going more linear, straight, as if walking/running/jogging and still practicing PPP. You should be standing tall and treating the arms like a pendulum but trying to initiate the twist from your belly button consistently. Get tall, tuck the butt, keep the hips/feet/knees pointed straight, and keep activating our ground tension. Feel the stretch and every twist.  Tip* The start (light portion) of this dynamic concept you can do before every walk and as a form of meditation anytime you feel stressed throughout the day. The latter part of this drill is a little more intense, but you can keep it light and relaxing like a pendulum increasing the stretch with every twist. BE CAUTIOUS WITH THE NEXT DRILLS. These are slightly advanced, so explore and play slowly with this next set of drills. Drill #5  Dopamineo Banded Stretch Play: Use resistance bands like the Dopamineo bands, TRX resistance bands, or other resistance bands with the arms to stretch the pecs, biceps, arms, lats, abs, neck, etc. You can call this an upper-body stretching play/workshop. We cover the front side, backside, and some face pulls for upper back rear delts activation. Then we go into some basic static and dynamic pec stretch variations. Drill #6  Drill #6 is all about AAA, like in week 2. Now instead of PPP (Tuck, Chest-up, Neck Back, Tall), we are still going to focus on standing tall and spacious, but now we will play with arching the lower back slightly, round the upper back, and going wide with our shoulders while standing as tall as we can even on our tippy toes. Feet/knees/hips are pointed straight. Make sure feet are not falling outwards. You will need to find a relatively wide (wider than shoulder width) bag, tree, or something to wrap our hands around as if we are hugging a barrel. Squeeze inwards and imagine reaching AROUND the bag. AAA means rounding the upper back, neck forward, and level. Any questions or need help? We are still working on getting the previous weeks onto the website, but if you missed any, let us know. Contact us at [email protected]. Thanks for joining us, everyone!  God Bless, Nick & Nathan Shop Our Products Mitigate Stress © Mitigate Stress Inc 2021 All Rights Reserved. P.O. Box 158, Haymarket, VA 20168  Stay In Touch! social iconsocial icon | | Forward to a Friend
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