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December 5th: Deploying a Digital Flywheel To Enable a Hyperpersonal Care Experience  [From Our Partners]

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mcn sponsored logo MedCityNews DEPLOYING A DIGITAL FLYWHEEL TO ENABLE A HYPERPERSONAL CARE EXPERIENCE GettyImages-1284979339_AviaHealth Webinar: December 5, 2023 3 pm ET/12 am PT Companies across the retail, food, and hospitality industries have adopted the digital flywheel model to connect consumers to the products, services, and resources that are most relevant to them. This proven digital engagement model enhances and personalizes the consumer experience, and fuels growth, retention, and engagement.  This webinar will have expert panelists from Praia Health and Providence to discuss the benefits of adopting a hyperpersonal care model for patients and the challenges that health systems face. Register Now SPONSORED BY QVIQ g Providence praiaheattn - MedCity News, PO Box 901, New York, NY 10272, United States, 2123341871
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