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REMINDER: Bigfoot "Lives" in the Appalachian Mountains! 👣

Mast General Store sent this email to their subscribers on May 15, 2024.

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MAST GENERAL STORE NIVe A1) Read about Bigfoot From Our Blog BIG MYSTERIES IN THE MOUNTAINS A mysterious creature roams the hills of Appalachia. It carries its bulky, slouching figure upright yet travels with catlike agility under the cover of night so that it goes undetected and unseen – by most people, at least. Though it’s said to stand much taller than an adult human with hair or fur covering its body from head to toe, the creature is best known for one distinctive feature evidenced only by the tracks it leaves on the ground… An oversized foot. Read More Bigfoot Items Other Recommendations Bigfoot Playing Cards ACCOUTREMENTS Bigfoot Playing Cards  Men's Bigfoot Socks SOCKSMITH Men's Bigfoot Socks  LANTERN PRESS Blue Ridge Parkway Bigfoot Hide & Seek Postcard _‘é’— JEa & —:t J— BLUE RIDGE PRREWRY LANTERN PRESS Bigfoot Hide & Seek Postcard A Summer Guide to Fun, Food, and Fashion SHOP OUR CATALOG HERE » Valle Crucis Road Construction Detours IO LR FREE SHIPPING ORDERS $75+ FLAT RATE SHIPPING S$6.99 UNDER $75 FREE & FLAT RATE SHIPPING ONLY AVAILABLE IN THE CONTINENTAL UNITED STATES. OTHER RESTRICTIONS MAY APPLY CUSTOMER SERVICE 866.367.6278 Mast General Store facebook mast general store pinterest mast general store twitter mast general store instagram (C) 2023 MAST GENERAL STORE, INC ®
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