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The Daily Brief: Mysterious Respiratory Dog Illness, West Hollywood's Future Tallest Structure, and more.

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Los Angeles Magazine The Daily Brief GOOD MORNING! TODAY IS WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 29. With a high of 65°, it will be partly cloudy all day in Los Angeles.  SHOULD YOU BE WORRIED ABOUT THE MYSTERIOUS RESPIRATORY DOG ILLNESS? HERE’S WHAT A VET SAYS An atypical Canine Infection Respiratory Disease (aCIRD) has spread to 200 dogs in 14 states since August, with symptoms similar to kennel cough, but which may progress to severe pneumonia. The cause of the disease is unknown and it's uncertain whether an existing vaccine can address it. How concerned should pet owners be? Christine Long, chief medical officer at local veterinary hospital Modern Animal, says the answer to that question is being closely monitored.⁠ Read More Top Stories from LAMag fire_flames_gettyimages_nitat-termmee FIRE DEVASTATION: SOUTH LOS ANGELES CITY BLOCK IN FLAMES An early morning fire in South Los Angeles destroyed five buildings, sent two people to the hospital with serious burns, and left 17 residents homeless. The Los Angeles Fire Department spent over an hour fighting the flames and is still investigating the cause. Read more. RUSSELL WESTBROOK CONFRONTS CLIPPERS FAN IN HEATED COURTSIDE ARGUMENT Clippers star Russell Westbrook had a heated encounter with a courtside fan during a lost game against the Denver Nuggets. Westbrook's confrontation, and other pro players' interventions reflect the ongoing player-fan tension in the NBA and highlight the need for better fan conduct. Read more. HOW ANGELENO GENE BAUR HELPED MAKE VEGANISM MAINSTREAM Meet Gene Baur, the unexpected vegan pioneer who took a leap from advertising McDonald's to rescuing animals and mainstreaming veganism. His inspiring journey is a testament to how individual actions can spark widespread change.  Read more. JENNIFER STOJKOVIC IS ON A MISSION TO FUND AND NORMALIZE VEGANISM Jennifer Stojkovic, a 33-year-old Woodland Hills resident, is looped in with shaping the future of the food industry. She founded Joyful Ventures to fund plant-based food innovation and launched the globally successful Vegan Women Summit. The jump from Silicon Valley to Vegan Valley was propelled by her desire to make veganism mainstream and address its lack of diversity. Read more. HOW B. ÅKERLUND FOLLOWS HER FASHION GUT B. Åkerlund, an award-winning costume designer, has created a renowned career styling for megastars like Beyoncé. Also, known for her distinct, over-the-top style, she now runs a West Hollywood showroom, The Residency Experience, while launching a chic pet accessory line, Bootzy Couture. Her style philosophy centers on risk-taking and individuality, reflecting through her unique fashion tastes. Read more. _ft_1500x1000px essential news U.S. CITIES BATTLING RISING HOMELESS ENCAMPMENTS U.S. cities are cracking down on increasing homelessness and encampments, with sweeps seen as a necessary, yet ineffective solution. Number of homeless people has risen to 580,000 mostly due to lack of affordable housing and access to mental health support. Sweeps often result in loss of personal items and disconnection from supportive communities, while lack of permanent housing solutions still persist. [ktla] 1000 la brea new 1 ALL THE NEW DETAILS FOR WEST HOLLYWOOD'S FUTURE TALLEST STRUCTURE The City of West Hollywood is set for a high-rise revolution as new details emerge for a proposed 34-story building. Not only will this be the tallest in the city, but it is also pegged to provide 514 apartments, commercial space, and substantial parking facilities. * 🏗 Proposed 34-story high-rise to be West Hollywood's tallest building. * 🏢 The project, conceived by CIM Group, could feature 514 apartments and 30k sq ft of commercial space. * 🚗 Plans include a podium and subterranean garage with 674 parking spaces. * 👷 128 apartments set aside as affordable and workforce housing. * 🌳 Outdoor gardens and other private open spaces part of the project design. * 🎨 Building plans feature neutral tones of blue, gray, and brown with seven exterior billboards. * 👷‍♀️ The project, to be designed by Large Architecture, is set for a 32-month construction period starting from October 2025. [u] LAPD'S BLACK FRIDAY STING OPERATION NABS 11 SHOPLIFTERS 11 suspects taken into custody during a sting operation led by the LAPD's Organized Retail Crime Task Force during the biggest shopping weekend of the year. Get the full scoop on how this undercover mission unfolded. [ktla] iStock-article feature (1) Need Gift Ideas? Here are 11 fun and festive gift ideas for the holiday season. From skincare to protein powder to wine, you'll be able to find something for everyone! LEARN MORE IMG_2953 (2) Eat in Las Vegas LOS ANGELES asked Kelly to drop by one of her favorite cities, Las Vegas, for 48 hours to eat, play and shop at Grand Canal Shoppes inside The Venetian Resort Las Vegas, Vegas’ premier destination for luxury shopping, dining, and fun. Here’s a rundown on everything Kelly ate during her getaway... LEARN MORE Los Angeles Magazine, 644 S. Figueroa Street, Los Angeles, CA 90017
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