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🌹 Begin a Journey of Love with Keenz - Exclusive Valentine's Offer Inside! 🌹

Keenz sent this email to their subscribers on February 2, 2024.

🌹 Begin a Journey of Love with Keenz - Exclusive Valentine's Offer Inside! 🌹

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🌹 Begin a Journey of Love with Keenz - Exclusive Valentine's Offer Inside! 🌹 Orig; e < g'o‘, Oller \Na% What's in Store for You: Journey in style with a 25% discount on our meticulously crafted stroller wagons. Experience unmatched comfort and safety, making every outing with your loved ones a special occasion. Seize this unique opportunity to elevate your family's adventures, turning every stroll into a cherished narrative of love and togetherness. Opt for the Keenz XC+ for spacious luxury and heavy-duty durability, perfect for families with multiple children or those desiring extra room. Enjoy ample storage, comfort-enhancing features like blackout shades, vented windows, and reclining seats, making every family adventure a relaxed, luxurious experience. SHOP KEENZ XC+ Choose the Keenz 7S+ for unparalleled all-terrain performance, ideal for hiking and beach outings. Designed for up to four passengers, it offers built-in shade, noise-reducing canopies for peaceful rides, and ample storage including an insulated cooler. Enjoy hands-free convenience and comfort on every adventure. SHOP KEENZ 7S+ The Keenz XC, a luxury two-passenger stroller wagon, combines comfort and control. Featuring padded, reclining, and removable seats for extended comfort, and all-terrain wheels for seamless navigation, it's your go-to for effortless, comfortable adventures SHOP KEENZ XC The Original Keenz 7S set the standard, and the 7S 2.0 elevates it! This stroller wagon offers a canopy system, ample storage, a cooler bag, and cozy space for essentials like diaper changes or quiet time, making every family adventure seamless and enjoyable. SHOP KEENZ 7S Keenz Stroller Wagons 5770 Shiloh Road Alpharetta GA 30005 United States © 2024 Keenz Stroller Wagons
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