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Inhale Health sent this email to their subscribers on February 27, 2023.

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NN VNN HE ALTH 30% OFF Anti-Cigarette™ This Week Only USE CODE: GET30 Studies Show 400% Improvement in Quit-Rate When Using a Zero-Nicotine Substitute Like Anti-Cigarette™ We Are Committed To Helping You Quit. Take action today towards a better you; give up nicotine and tobacco once and for all. It's Time™ GET YOURS IXUPNR HEALTH THE ZERO-NICOTINE N WWW,%WW 4 ANTI-CIGARETTE H 5 Q L M L7 X7 l e - - o S 7, o R 358 w @ Soa o gsco- @ 2 288 SR ol I EfiZ o S S sc8 o Q $8772 w 5 o o Z8s o s s B P - o ANTI-CIGARETTE 3 O Introducing Anti-Cigarette™ 2.0 The Nicotine-Free Solution L VNN HEALTH A ANTI-CIGARETTE 0 U 919-1LNY Welcome to a new generation of Rechargeable Device 0% nicotine Meet Anti-Cigarette Azero-nicotine solution to suppress cravings and set you free. TALTH ANTI-CIGARETTE 3113VOID-ILNY Designed for unprecedented craving relief, take a breath of Anti-Cigarette™ instead, and keep your body free from nicotine and tobacco. Dynamically improved, with all your feedback taken into account, Anti-Cigarette™ 2.0 is here to turbocharge your goal to be and stay nicotine-free. L VNS HEALTH DESIGNED TO HELP YOU QUIT Reach for Anti-Cigarette instead, and keep your body free from nicotine and tobacco. e ANTI-CIGARETTE m Rechargeable I Device B i U 0% 0 nicotine I W ot I A T et L VNS HEALTH CRUSH THE CRAVINGS THE ZERO NICOTINE SOLUTION ANTI-CIGARETTE SR m Rechargeable n M Device 5 0% nicotine HEALTH GET YOURS Your Nicotine Days Are Behind You Join hundreds of thousands around the world using Anti-Cigarette™ to set themselves free. Anti-Cigarette™ is a movement empowering likeminded people around the world. Right here, right now, is a perfect time to quit. Anti-Cigarette™ 2.0 is Fully Rechargeable Never run out again, and always have Anti-Cigarette™ handy when you need it most. Your new Anti-Cigarette™ 2.0 ships with an include USB-C charging cable for convenient rapid charging. INHALE BREAK THE VICIOUS CYCLE AND MAKE QUITTING ACHIEVABLE th ANTI-CIGARETTE Rechargeable i Device i 0% nicotine A LT Meet Anti-Cigarette Azero-nicotine solution to suppress cravings and setyou free. ILL3UV8I9-1INY INHALE HEALTH 44 ANTI-CIGARETTE ANTI-CIGARETTE INNOCENT MINT NEVER GOING BACCO 9 0% o nicotine % o i Life Pods I Life Pods B Thlrf: . :a dx 818 Three Pack e M A - Kick The Nic Kick The Nic i ol S e TheAni Ggaree ZuroNeatine Fomula 26t NeatineFormal supprss o s e crvings the moments. Youneed tmos GET YOURS Introducing Life Pods™ Your new Anti-Cigarette™ 2.0 works with Life Pods™. Available in both Innocent Mint™ and introducing our new flavor Never Going Bacco™. INNOCENT MINT" LIFE PODS THREE PACK Refreshing, satisfying, and designed for unprecedented craving relief. Take a breath of Innocent Mint™ and keep your body free from nicotine and tobacco. INTRODUCING LIFE PODS" 0% Nicotine, now and always Two milliliters per pod three times more than the industry standard i Premium Ceramic b 3 Heating Element INNOCENT MIN Flavor Name Indication Magnetic Docking Cells NEVER GOING BACCO" LIFE PODS THREE PACK % ANTI-CIGARETTE NEVER GOING BACCO 0% nicotine Life Pods I@ Three Pack 1 Kick The Nic The Anti-Cigarrette Zero Nicotine Formula helps suppress nicotine cravings the moments you need it most. Satisfying, substantial and designed to destroy cravings with ease. Take a breath of Never Going Bacco™ and step forward into a future free from nicotine and tobacco. KICK THE NIC INTRODUCING ANTI-CIGARETTE 2.0 Your new Anti-Cigarette, combined with a little good old fashioned will power, is a tried and tested way to quit nicotine once and for all. GET YOURS L VNS HEALTH ANTI-CIGARETTE" 2.0 RECEARGEAELE DEVICE 400mah Rechargeable SEladl Ve v LED Indicators 7 ' Premium Soft-Touch . Matte Finish @ USB Type-C Charging Port 113VOIJ-ILNV # J ANTI-CIGARETTE" 2.0 WHAT'S INSIDE ANTI-CIGARETTE ......... Additional Resources Included Packed full of resources to help you quit, Anti-Cigarette™ 2.0 is your partner in this new chapter. L VNS HEALTH Let's break the cycle TODAY Take Me There
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