Reverse mortgage LOs report promising starts to 2024 business; why the debate around the retirement age is heating up: RMD Headlines (2/12/2024)

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HOUSINGWIRE Reverse Mortgage Daily - LA Longbridge BUSINESS — with innovative Financial, LLC reverse mortgage products. REVERSE MORTGAGE ORIGINATORS REPORT GOOD STARTS TO 2024 BUSINESS Reverse mortgage originators from across the country report promising starts to business in 2024, based on direct interviews. BABY BOOMERS ARE REACHING ‘PEAK 65,’ BUT RETIREMENT AGE DEBATE CONTINUES: CNBC A retirement age debate for FAA workers in Congress is reigniting a broader national debate about Social Security, according to CNBC. zzzzzzzz 3 HomeSafe SECOND UNLOCK EQUITY WITHOUT A NEW MONTHLY PAYMENT uuuuuuuuuuuuu HHHHHHHHHHHHHHH n REVERS e - Q&A: GEORGE MORALES ON NEW ROLE WITH MORTGAGE CADENCE AND WHY A BIG BANK COULD ENTER REVERSE George Morales speaks about his new sales role, and how Mortgage Cadence aims to bring reverse to more players including big banks. FAR EXPERT URGES CONSIDERATION OF THE HOME WHEN PLANNING FOR RETIREMENT Steve Resch compares 401(k) accounts and home investments, arguing that a client's largest asset must be considered when making retirement plans. SHIFTING OUTREACH ON RADIO PROVES FRUITFUL FOR COLORADO REVERSE MORTGAGE PRO HousingWire Simmons discusses how making a focused switch on radio has made a noticeable difference to his reverse mortgage business. HHS UPDATES FEDERAL POLICIES TO SUPPORT AGING IN PLACE The Administration for Community Living (ACL) is implementing the first substantive updates to the Older Americans Act since 1988. LinkedIn X HousingWire, 910 South Pearl Expy, Suite 29, Dallas, TX 75201
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