Liberty Reverse parent completes rebranding; the “showdown” between baby boomers and millennials over housing: RMD Headlines (6/11/2024)

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HOUSINGWIRE Reverse Mortgage Daily RMD_Leaderboard_Ad_Q2_2024_2-1 LIBERTY REVERSE PARENT COMPLETES REBRAND TO ONITY GROUP The parent company of a top 10 reverse mortgage lender just completed a rebranding initiative that includes a new NYSE ticker symbol. BOOMERS, MILLENNIALS LOCKED IN ‘SHOWDOWN’ OVER HOUSING: FORTUNE Baby boomers and millennials are in a face-off over housing, as aging in place conflicts with entry into the housing market. @/ CLASS VALUATION The reverse mortgage appraisal bar has been set. wide coverage nt Executive for every client W LEARN MORE )) THE MONTH IN REVERSE MORTGAGE RATES: JUNE 2024 HECM ARM rate change calculations and the latest information about rate swings for reverse mortgages are featured in this latest commentary. NEARLY ONE QUARTER OF RETIREMENT AGE ADULTS ARE STILL WORKING Positive and negative developments like inflation and life expectancy have led to a large share of older Americans remaining in the workforce. GUARANTEED RATE WANTS TO BUILD A BRIDGE BETWEEN REVERSE AND FORWARD MORTGAGE CHANNELS Ryan Ogata and Andrew Pohlmann offer perspectives on what Guaranteed Rate’s reverse mortgage business is focused on for the rest of 2024. MOODY’S REAFFIRMS ‘ABOVE-AVERAGE’ QUALITY RATING FOR REVERSE MORTGAGE SERVICER CELINK Celink, which services HUD’s reverse mortgage portfolio, had its “SQ2” rating reaffirmed by Moody’s Investors Service. HousingWire, 910 South Pearl Expy, Suite 29, Dallas, TX 75201
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