An update for July on reverse mortgage rates; how retired investors are handling inflation and higher living costs: RMD Headlines (7/10/2024)

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HOUSINGWIRE Reverse Mortgage Daily RMD_Leaderboard_Ad_Q2_2024_2-2 THE MONTH IN REVERSE MORTGAGE RATES: JULY 2024 In this month’s look at reverse mortgage rates, Dan Hultquist also explores the impact of voluntary prepayments on a HECM line of credit. MORE THAN 25% OF RETIRED INVESTORS ARE PAYING DOWN MORTGAGE, CREDIT CARD DEBT Retired investors are having trouble adjusting to a higher cost of living, according to a new survey from the Nationwide Retirement Institute. 91 AT 7’ (Y143 { \ AN AOyAYE NRMLA PRESIDENT TALKS HMBS 2.0 TERM SHEET AND ITS POTENTIAL IMPACT Steve Irwin sits down to talk about the reaction to the newly-proposed HMBS 2.0 program particulars, and how NRMLA will respond. RESTORATION OF HISTORIC FRANK LLOYD WRIGHT HOME COMPLICATED BY REVERSE MORTGAGE The historic home needs $500,000 in renovations, but is encumbered by a reverse mortgage and unclear ownership. TEXAS CAPITAL, GINNIE MAE ATTORNEYS SEEK EXTENSION FOR THEIR COURT REQUESTS Attorneys on both sides of the reverse mortgage case each need more time to review recent filings in the case. EXPERTS SHARE TIPS FOR BEGINNING TO AGE IN PLACE Experts share tips for aging in place, and what aspects of the home should be prioritized to accommodate living in later life. HousingWire, 910 South Pearl Expy, Suite 29, Dallas, TX 75201
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