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The Weekly Thread From Herrschners THE WEEKLY FROMC% i JUNE WHITE SALE - Score Deals & SAVE on Items to Update Your Home - SAVINGS UP TO 70% - Bluebird Cottage Quilt Blocks, Set of 6 JUNE SAL Score Deals SAVE on Items to Update Your Home 10 IR e Update Your Summer Table - Table Toppers & Table Runners, 33% OFF - SHOP NOW Table Toppers ,%, Table Runners A A% SHOP NOW ; 33% OFF LR Summwle Quilt Blocks, Sets of 6, 33% OFF - SHOP NOW 33 Quilt Blocks Sets of 6 SHOP NOW Pillowcase Pairs 0, Dresser Scarves 330? SHOP NOW 0 S0 Terry Towel Pairs, $9.99 Each, Reg. $14.99 - SHOP NOW Terry Towel Pairs $999 ugsun SHOP NOW i Designer Kitchen Aprons, $9.99 Each, Reg. $14.99 - SHOP NOW Designer s Kitchen Aprons m,' Reg 51459 SHOP NOW Pot Holder Sets, $9.99 Each, Reg. $14.99 - SHOP NOW Pot Holder Sets SHOP NOW Decorative Wire Hangers, 50% OFF - SHOP NOW Decorative Wire Hangers SHOP NOW 5 % OFF Don't Miss These Special Offers Flour Sack 30% Towels OFF Pre-Finished Blanks - Add Your Own Designs! 30% OFF DMCยฎ Needlework Fabric, $1.99 Each - Special Purchase! bmc Needlework $1 ach Fabric Shop These Super Value Assortments - We Choose the Designs & You SAVE BIG! Tablecloths in a Variety of Sizes, Pillowcases, Dresser Scarves, & More. SHOP TODAYโ€”PRICES GOOD UNTIL JUNE 27. Yarn Knit & Crochet Needlework Craft & Hobby Painting & Coloring Puzzles & Games Seasonal Clearance ยฉ2023 Herrschners | 2800 Hoover Road | Stevens Point, WI 54481 | Unitedย States 1-800-441-0838 ย |ย  | Contact Us | |
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