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GAINFUL The Rundown June 2024 - Issue 038 Hi Gainful, Are you ready for summer? I sure am! Here's to kicking off the season of beach days, vacations and road trips. In this month's newsletter, I pulled together my best tips for balancing nutrition and training while traveling. Let me know what you'll be up to this summer! - Matt, RD Rehydrate from the sun Mocktail ELECTROLYTE FRUIT MOCKTAIL After a day in the sun (or sipping cocktails) be sure to rehydrate with electrolytes. This recipe uses fresh fruit for a delicious summer flavor! BOOKMARK THE RECIPE PLAN A BODYWEIGHT WORKOUT OUTDOOR HIIT You can maintain your progress and improve energy, digestion and health with short workouts while traveling. This one uses no equipment and is guaranteed to get your heart rate up! WATCH THE WORKOUT Create a Personal Support Plan REACH OUT TO MATT I'm here to help, especially when plans change. We can work together to develop a plan you feel confident about while on vacation. You can email me at [email protected] or text me directly at 855-550-2006. MESSAGE MATT NO SILLY QUESTIONS I have a few trips coming up this summer, Q and | find | can get digestive upset while traveling. How do | avoid that? Matt, Gainful RD This is very common! Digestive upset while traveling is often caused by changes in the foods we eat while on vacation, including less fiber, water and vegetables. | recommend focusing on staying hydrated, and adding electrolytes and daily performance greens to support your microbiome! ASK A QUESTION GAINFUL SUPPLEMENTS ON THE ROAD Gainful x Target If you're heading out of town, swing by your local Target for Gainful's single-serve, on-the-go travel packs. The daily greens can help fill those nutrient gaps while on a vacation diet, and low-sugar hydration packs are a must for sunburn recovery!  SHOP AT TARGET * * * * * “ Drinking this makes me feel instantly happy and I love that I’m giving my body an immunity boost. Easy to travel with, too!” - Frances GAINFUL Reviews Personal Trainer Program Target Line Instagram Facebook Tiktok
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