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R L INANIVD Personalized, Science- Backed Hydration Q This refreshing and hydrating drink tastes just like summer, and is made to support your active lifestyle.  SHOP MANGO HYDRATION EFFECTIVE HYDRATION 4 types of essential electrolytes with dosing based on your physiology.  INGREDIENTS THAT WORK Magnesium plays a vital role in muscle function while sodium citrate regulates fluid balance. PERFORM YOUR BEST Improve cognition, reduce perceived effort, maximize energy and recover faster. AMAZING TASTE Delicious, sweet, and tangy - with over 80% less sugar compared to other leading electrolyte drinks. NO DYES NO GLUTEN NO SWEETENERS NO FILLERS NO ARTIFICIAL FLAVORS NO FILLERS, NO NONSENSE Plant Based Non GMO No Soy, No Gluten, No Dyes No Artificial Flavors Colored with Tumeric EXPLORE ALL THE FLAVORS * * * * * “This is a great substitute when I don't have time for coffee in the morning! Grab and go for a morning commute. And love it when I travel abroad. Nothing better than hydration + caffeine to get over jet lag!” - Rupa GAINFUL Give 40% Off, Get 40% Off Reviews Personal Trainer Program Gift Cards Instagram Facebook Tiktok
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