OK so the deadline to get the special deal for "VolleyRx" is tomorrow (Wednesday) at midnight Pacific Time...

Ends in 36 hours: VolleyRx

If you want to come to the net more, but you feel like you have "bad hands"...

A lot of the time, you're like, "Well, that's not where I meant to hit my volley.  I was trying to put it away, not pop it up"...

Then you should pick up a copy of "VolleyRx," because inside 17-time Grand Slam Doubles Champion Gigi Fernandez shows you how to hit the 13 types of volleys...

When you start adding these volleys to your game, that's how you'll go from "bad hands" to "great hands"...

And no matter what type of volley you're dealing with, a backhand poach, a reflex volley, a half volley, whatever, your volley will go where you want it to.  At least, most of the time :-)

Ends in 36 hours: VolleyRx

You're also getting three awesome bonuses as part of the special deal:

1. OverheadRx: There are 5 types of overheads:

- The "Standard" Overhead
- The Slice
- The GOOT
- The Scissor Kick
- The Bounce Overhead

These 5 overheads make it REALLY hard for your opponent to beat you with the lob, which means you can get REALLY close to the net, and that makes it much, much easier to put away volleys.

2. Gigi's Complete Practice Plan

Play on a USTA or club team?  Then you'll want to get you hands on Gigi's Complete Practice Program, where she shares the simple drills that make your volleys automatic.

Whether you're practicing solo, with a partner, or with your team, Gigi's got you covered with drills that simulate match situations.

3. SUPER BONUS: The Gigi Method

This is Gigi's signature program, where she adapted the strategies and tactics she used to win 17 Grand Slam Doubles titles for the USTA league and club level.

"The Gigi Method" revolves around two formations:

1) The Stagger.  This is the absolute BEST formation in doubles.

2) The Highway To Hell.  This is the absolute WORST formation in doubles.

Inside, Gigi shows you how you and your partner can get to "The Stagger" as often as possible, while also maneuvering your opponents into "The Highway To Hell."

When you can do this over and over, then your odds of winning the match go through the roof.

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