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Food Lion sent this email to their subscribers on March 15, 2024.

Plus, see your MVP savings from last week!

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Plus, see your MVP savings from last week! FOODA=LION Weekly Specials Coupons Recipes   MY MVP WEEKLY SAVINGS   Hello, Food Lion! Here are your 2024 savings year to date. MVP DISCOUNTS MVP Discounts $507.02 SHOP & EARN SAVINGS Shop & Earn Savings $0.00 COUPON SAVINGS Coupon Discounts $33.18 TOTAL SAVINGS $540.20 MVP DISCOUNTS + SHOP & EARN SAVINGS + COUPON SAVINGS MVP card number: 046609791531 Last updated: 03/1‌4/2024 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------   COUPONS JUST FOR YOU READY TO LOAD Food Lion MVP   Coupons Ready to Load SAVE $1.50 Brsados Off FIVE (5) Hass Avocados ...... Go0n From Mexico ) tOR YOu Expires on 03/31/24 SAVE $1.00 Off ONE (1) Monster Zero Sugar Single (16 0z) ¢OR YO(, Expires on 03/31/24 SAVE $1.00 =sameme. Off TWO (2) Baja Blast Or cOR YO(, Expires on 03/31/24 SAVE 75¢ = a Off TWO (2) Snack Pack Puddings (4 pk) ¢OR YO(, Expires on 03/31/24 SAVE $2.00 _ Off ONE (1) Seventh Generation Laundry a. Detergent (90 oz) Bt ¢OR YO(, Expires on 03/31/24 LOAD OFFERS NOW ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- | SHOPSEARN 5./ v © O MONTHLY REWARDS YOUR SHOP & EARN SAVINGS $39 available to earn in March! $0 earned this month so far with Shop & Earn! $39 still available to earn with Shop & Earn! ACTIVATE OFFERS OR CHECK PROGRESS This Week's Featured Brands ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------   COUPONS LOADED & READY TO USE Food Lion MVP You've loaded them, now use them! SEE LOADED COUPONS ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Featured Brand - Load Coupon Trusted Softness, Better Tear’ *vs.Leading U.S. +Ply Bargain Brand. | Clip Coupon
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