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FlightHub EXCLUSIVE MEMBER DEALS ROUND TRIP FLIGHTS starting from $64.98* as of Jan 29 12:21 AM EST Search Flights * Fare shown: Roundtrip, Kelowna (YLW) - Vancouver (YVR). Travel dates: from 02/28/2024 to 03/06/2024. Final price per person (including taxes and fees). Prices are subject to change based on actual availability at the time of purchase. Optional services such as seats or bags may be available for a fee at the time of purchase. SAVE 15% AND MORE ON HOTELS VIEW HOTELS Better deals may be available, call us at: 1-855-496-0954 facebook-icon instagram-icon pinterest-icon youtube-icon Need help?|| ©2024 FlightHub. All rights reserved. 3333 Cote-Vertu, Suite 600, Montreal, Quebec, H4R 2N1.
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