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MIDDAY SUN: Canada's had different responses to the Israel-Hamas war and Russia's invasion of Ukraine

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PLUS: Pro-Palestinian protestors disrupt Pierre Poilievre's rally, Rogers customers now have service at all TTC stations, Raptors need Anunoby back ASAP View this email in your browser o SUIN Welcome back to Your Midday Sun where the Ford government is once again considering the end of Ontario's Beer Stores. While they have less than a month to commit to a new contract, Dr. Sylvain Charlebois thinks it's about time the province moves on from what he calls an "archaic business model that has been around for far too long" and allow Ontario's beer market to "evolve and flourish." In other words, free the beer! To always get your fill of news from the Toronto Sun, in addition to reading your favourite weekday newsletter (this one, obviously), bookmark our homepage and download our mobile app via Apple or Google Play. KEEPINGI 111 Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre was speaking to hundreds of people attending an "Axe the Tax" rally in London, Ont., but his speech was interrupted several times by Pro-Palestinian protesters. Postmedia's Beatriz Baleeiro has the details. ALSO: * Rogers Communications Inc. says it has turned on wireless service for its customers at all Toronto subway stations, plus the tunnels between Sheppard West and Vaughan Metropolitan Centre stations. * An Angus Reid poll found 42% of Canadians would abolish the carbon tax while 17% would lower it temporarily for the next three years. Jane Stevenson has the numbers. * A 48-year-old Toronto high school teacher has been accused of sexual assault against a student. * In a bid to ease work shortages of early childhood educators, Ontario is boosting the minimum wage in most licensed child-care centres to $23.86 an hour next year, up from a planned increase to $20. * Hamilton's transit service has resumed normal operations after Hamilton Street Railway and the Amalgamated Transit Union Local 107 reached a deal to end a week-long strike ahead of Sunday's Grey Cup game. * This past week has been unseasonably mild but November's going to November — which makes the Distillery Winter Village or one of the other fun events happening in the city perfect for this weekend. More from Denette Wilford. 1 Communications systems in the Gaza Strip were down for a second day with no fuel to power the internet and phone networks, causing aid agencies to halt cross-border deliveries of humanitarian supplies even as they warned people may soon face starvation. Gaza is now receiving only 10% of its needed food supplies daily, and dehydration and malnutrition are growing with nearly all of the 2.3 million people in the territory needing food, according to a spokeswoman for the United Nations' World Food Program. And fuel is desperately needed for generators that run emergency communication systems, hospitals, desalination plants and other critical infrastructure in Gaza. ALSO: * A nine-year-old girl believed to have been killed by Hamas terrorists in a kibbutz in Israel on Oct. 7 is now said to be alive and among the hostages taken during the incursion. * Anxious Canadians in the Gaza Strip will have to wait a little longer to leave as the daily list of approved foreign passport holders authorized to exit Gaza and enter Egypt has not been updated. * A Southern California college professor was charged with involuntary manslaughter and battery in the death of a Jewish protester during demonstrations over the Israel-Hamas war. * A Texas jury convicted a woman of murder in the May 2022 shooting death of rising professional cyclist Anna Moriah Wilson in a case that led investigators on a 43-day international search for the killer. * IBM has stopped advertising on social media platform X after a report said its ads were appearing alongside anti-Semitic material praising Adolf Hitler and Nazis. 1R FIKAA SACHHOARS EETH GATD RAIEN LA 4 Sz e AT S A look at two wars — the ongoing conflict after Russia invaded Ukraine on Feb. 24, 2022, and Israel's response to Hamas militants following the Oct. 7 incursion by the terrorist organization. Canada's responses to each have been complete contrasts. Hmm, what's the difference? READ WARREN KINSELLA AND SHARE YOUR COMMENTS! Submit a Letter to the Editor for possible publication in the Toronto Sun. Please include full name and contact information. Letters must be 250 words or less. We do not acknowledge receipt. Email your letter to [email protected]. * O’REILLY: Hamas terrorists rob Jews and Palestinians of their humanity * 'WE WILL MISS HIM FOREVER': Dana Carvey says son Dex died at 32 from 'accidental drug overdose' * Kelly named MOP, Dinwiddie top coach as Argos clean up at CFL Awards * Snoop Dogg announces he's quitting weed: 'Please respect my privacy at this time' * DEAR ABBY: Emotionally abused friend has a network of support * Ravens handle Bengals 34-20 after Joe Burrow exits game with a wrist injury * ‘LEAVE OUR FRICKIN’ KIDS OUT OF IT:’ Kid Rock, Anheuser-Busch CEO hash out issues at UFC fight * Mistrial declared after federal jury deadlocks in trial of ex-officer in deadly Breonna Taylor raid * Big WHAT energy? Raptors game introduction for Gradey Dick wasn't what we all thought * Backpage founder Michael Lacey convicted of 1 money laundering count * Marvel misfire: 'The Marvels' flop dents MCU's perfect box office run as superhero fatigue sets in REER ratio  Justin Trudeau's stern words to Israel did nothing to appease pro-Palestinian protesters, who chased the prime minister from a Vancouver bar and required more than 100 police officers to be sent out to protect him. More in the latest Lilley Unleashed. - SPORTS FANS The Raptors have missed OG Anunoby in their last two games and while Toronto managed a comeback win against the Wizards on Monday, they were absolutely demolished by the Bucks two days later. Anunoby, who hurt his finger in a freak accident, is listed as doubtful for tonight's game against the Celtics, but given how different the Raptors' defence looks without their best defender, his value to the team has become increasingly obvious. The stats don't lie. Over to Ryan Wolstat with more. CULTE?RE CI.UB Megyn Kelly has ripped into the "parents of all these losers," a.k.a. the young, "stupid" TikTokers who embraced Osama bin Laden's 2002 defence of the 9/11 attacks, calling the parents "boozing" failures. Mark Daniell has all the details from Kelly's tirade. TODAY'S MIPDLE EAST TENSIONS... FUN GAMES SCORPIOs, be the engineer of your destiny and utilize what you enjoy most in your everyday routine. CAPRICORNs, don't give in to pressure or limit what you can do because you feel incompetent. It's time to take control and do your part to ensure your life takes the direction you deserve. Change begins with you, TAURUS, so take a step in a direction that offers an opportunity to be who you want and use your skills as you intend. Don’t let uncertainty or insecurity stand between you and your happiness. VIRGOs, an unexpected change will give you the boost you need to improve your life. For more detailed astrological aspirations and all the other signs, click here. 6 9 3 8 43 26 5 2 8 1 2 4 Today's Sudoku is definitely a challenge. Good luck! VA 2 See the latest Obituaries, Memorial Notices and Other Sympathy Announcements at Twitter Share the news! Think your friends may like this newsletter? You can share it with them! Simply forward this email along to them, or send them this link to sign up. Do you have questions or concerns about today's news, or feedback on our coverage? We want to hear from you. Please write to us at [email protected] Have an amazing day! © 2023 Postmedia Network Inc. All rights reserved. Unauthorized distribution, transmission or republication strictly prohibited. 365 Bloor St East, Toronto, ON, M4W 3L4 You received this email because you are subscribed to Your Midday Sun Newsletter, registered as [email protected] • • • Contact us • Digital Ad Registry © 2023 Postmedia Network Inc. All rights reserved.
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