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Everyday Dose sent this email to their subscribers on January 31, 2024.

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Hi Dose Fam – Jack here. ‘New Me’ January is over! Can you believe it?! (But I do feel refreshed, what about you?) Now strap in … Because I have major updates and recent wins for you: 1️⃣ The ‘New Year New Me’ challenge was a BLAST. It was a pleasure to see 5,800 people actively participate in this weekly challenge and start 2024 strong. (Btw, it was free, but only available for those who signed up for it in advance.) Make sure to open my emails, because more signup-only challenges are coming soon! 2️⃣ ‘Stress Less Week’ was even bigger! It was open for the whole community to join. That’s why 31,100+ people participated in our poll, read our guides on how to stress less in 2024, and took advantage of the ‘Stress Less’ deal at the end. We have a brand new themed week coming in February. Can you guess what the topic might be? Reply and let me know. 3️⃣ I *sneakily* revealed the new Month 6 freebie :) YES, it’s true – we’re expanding our monthly freebies! Soon we’ll make available this cool Month 6 freebie (with 1,000+ reactions, you guys loved it) – with even more freebies lined up! Yes, we treat the Dose Fam like royalty. 4️⃣ Our Dose Fam FB Group has 45,000+ members! Last month, we had 35,000 members – and we’ve recently welcomed 10,000+ new mushroom coffee lovers! I mean … how amazing is this?! Personally, I’ve started posting/responding more regularly again, after a small digital rehab break. If you’re in our group, this is a reminder for you to post something there! Like, what do you love the most about Dose? Or any question you have. And FINALLY … 5️⃣ Our EPIC New Year Deal is still up! We don’t know for how long we’ll keep it up. So today is the perfect time for you to grab your Dose at 25% OFF, with a FREE Starter Kit & monthly freebies! Just grab 25% OFF + freebies here! Before we wrap this whole thing up … Want to make sure you receive all these goodies straight in your inbox? Do one of these 3 things: ★ STAR this email. 💬 REPLY to this email. (e.g. tell me a fun fact about you or what makes you a fan of mushroom coffee) ➤ CLICK here: YES, I enjoyed this email! Thank you for being in the Dose universe. Jack Savage, founder of Everyday Dose, smiling Muuuuush Love, Jack Founder of Everyday Dose PS. How was your January? What about your New Year resolutions? Smash that “Reply” button and let me know.  I love hearing from you. You received this email from Everyday Dose, your favorite mushroom coffee | If you'd like to leave the fam & never hear from Dose again, .
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