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The perfect shade of green!

Esembly Baby sent this email to their subscribers on April 16, 2022.

Aloe is, without a doubt, the green we've all been waiting for.
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Baby wearing Aloe Esembly diaper while playing with a rattle in bed WEET ALoE! Is there a plant more deserving of recognition than Aloe? Its not only beautiful but it helps heal and hydrate our skin. And its just the perfect shade of green! Part sage, part olive, rich and subtle all at the same time. SHOP NOW Esembly Outer in Aloe Esembly Petite Pouch in Off-Leash SHOP DAY BAG Baby wearing Esembly Outer Diaper in Aloe Love what you see? Shop the rest of the neutrals collection? SHOP THE REST OF THE NEUTRALS COLLECTION FOLLOW US Button Text Custom Custom LIVE LESS DISPOSABLY
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