The Art of Downsizing — How to Handle Layoffs in a Humane Way

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Stories for May 12, 2023 In a world where business success is measured by growth and expansion, letting go of team members can be a devastating blow. However, it's a reality that many businesses face, particularly during times of market downturn or economic hardship. Here’s how to handle layoffs in a humane way that prioritizes both the well-being of employees and the success of the business. Will Fan, Entrepreneur Contributor ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- TRENDING NOW MTV News Is Shutting Down, Loss Mourned by a Generation | Entrepreneur MTV News will be shuttering for good after a 36-year run, Showtime/MTV Entertainment Studios and Paramount Media Networks president Chris McCarthy... Elon Musk Is Adding Calls and Encrypted Messaging to Twitter | Entrepreneur Elon Musk announced that Twitter will be adding calling and encrypted messaging to the platform as soon as today. See details. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Lntrepreneur Members get exclusive access to this content. Join today to unlock this article and more. See all exclusives here. HOW TO IDENTIFY AND HANDLE TOXIC BUSINESS LEADERSHIP Toxic business leaders are the danger of modern corporate life. Unfortunately, they may hide behind good reputations. Let's discuss four signs of toxic leadership and strategies to deal with it. Keep reading ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- WHAT TO READ TODAY How Can Companies Use ChatGPT for Content Marketing? Read more to learn how ChatGPT is revolutionizing content creation and discover how it can enhance your content marketing efforts. The Major Benefits of Social Media for Small Business Owners Crystal Media owner Crystal Vilkaitis breaks down the benefits of social media for small business owners, including how to boost sales, exposure, and brand recognition. Free Webinar | May 16 How to Grow with Purpose Whole Food Market’s CEO, Jason Buechel, shares his key strategies to scale your business without compromising your business values. Register now : ool What Is the Most Confusing Internet Acronym Right Now? The Answer Will Leave You Shaking Your Head. A new study reveals the texting abbreviations that most confuse us. om What Is the Most Confusing Internet Acronym Right Now? The Answer Will Leave You Shaking Your Head. A new study reveals the texting abbreviations that make us turn to google for answers. om ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Join Entrepreneur+ to access our premium content with an ad-free experience. Learn and grow through our collection of compelling success stories, business life hacks, and expert-driven guides. Also, when you sign up you’ll get our magazine included - delivered straight to your door! Join today for just $5. Facebook Twitter Youtube Instagram Linkedin Linkedin Entrepreneur.com  |  Help Center  |  Contact Us We respect your right to privacy   |   This e-mail was sent to: [email protected] Entrepreneur Media Inc. Copyright © 2023 All rights reserved. 18061 Fitch Irvine, CA 92614 View Email in Browser
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