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Why BlackBerry wants in your car

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Judge flags no-knock police raid View this email in your browser " 9 POSTED My< ONTARIO From Parliament Hill, to Rideau Hall and Embassy Row, Ottawa is a city with pomp bred in its bones, much of which goes unnoticed beyond the capital. One ceremony you might have missed that's worth noting? The welcoming of a new Supreme Court justice has left women the majority on the nine-member court for the first time in its 149-year history . I'm Greg Van Moorsel of The London Free Press, curator of your weekly news digest. JUST BECAUSE . . .  Zoe Miller of St. Thomas, left, works her mother Dawn Miller of Kitchener into a chilly selfie along Lake Erie's wind-whipped shore at Port Stanley. A freakishly warm winter has left much of Ontario with little snow or deep cold this year, but winter winds still pound the lakeshore, producing fierce waves you can see here.  LIVING IN LIMBO A housing shortage has created a landlord's market in Ontario, with tight vacancy rates and rising rents. Dozens of Tillsonburg tenants have found that out the hard way, forced from their building by a fire two years ago and still unsure when they can return. An added twist? Most are seniors, the uncertainty taking a heavy toll. NO KNOCK-KNOCK, NO CASE  The case against an alleged Ottawa drug dealer was tossed after a judge ruled an unannounced police raid on his home, with his child present, violated his rights. Battering rams and flash grenades are often used in the no-knock raids, meant to surprise and apprehend suspects before they can destroy evidence. Ottawa, as it turns out, has cut back on the raids. A REMARKABLE RUN It was supposed to be a two-year assignment, but it lasted an astonishing 60 years. A Windsor-area town is mourning the loss of a family doctor, Dumaresq Child, who only retired less than a year before he died at age 85, treating five generations of patients. In a province with desperate need of family doctors, a new warning is out that one in four Ontarians could soon be without them.  ACROSS THE PROVINCE . . .   * 1: New partnership between Pornhub and Crime Stoppers, to police the world's largest adult entertainment website owned by an Ottawa group.  * 1: Arresting photo of a diving great blue heron , with the Sarnia photographer behind it saluted by Canadian Geographic magazine. * 40+: Years since anyone in Brantford heard the bell ring in a historic clock tower, until a big fix brought history chiming back in. * 110: Number of guests served a three-course meal in the Culinary Olympics in Germany, at which a Windsor chef and Team Canada both won gold. * $19.9 billion: Annual revenue for Waterloo-based BlackBerry at its 2011 peak as a smartphone maker. Now, it wants behind your wheel. Find out why. POSTSCRIPT Thanks for subscribing, email us anytime at [email protected] and, remember, you can choose from Postmedia's dozens of specialty newsletters, from across Ontario and Canada, delivered straight to your inbox, right here. © 2024 Postmedia Network Inc. All rights reserved. Unauthorized distribution, transmission or republication strictly prohibited. 365 Bloor St East, Toronto, ON, M4W 3L4 You received this email because you are subscribed to Posted Ontario Newsletter, registered as [email protected] • • • Contact us • Digital Ad Registry © 2024 Postmedia Network Inc. All rights reserved. Border-city Windsor isn't the first Ontario city beset by problems from Canada geese, but it's the latest to consider lethal measures to control the iconic but  nuisance birds that foul parks, menace humans and often refuse to fly away in winter. Nearly extinct a century ago, read how we feathered their comeback. 
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