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DETAILKING SUPPLIES EQUIPMENT TRAINING Home Training Videos EASTER SALE 159 OFF FREE SHIPPING $ Happy Easter From Detail King! Detail King wishes you and your family a Happy Easter! GetΒ 15% OFF and FREE SHIPPING on orders over $99 with PROMO CODE: EGG15 *Offer good on most DK products. Shop Now NEWY PRODUCTS New Products at Detail King The selection at Detail King just keeps getting better! Head over to our new products page and take a look at some of the great new additions from NexDiag, Jade, Lake Country, Stan Labs, Koch-Chemie,Β and many more! Shop New Products g DR.CoLORCHIP U IR BT eI Select Dr.ColorChip Kits On Sale! Now is the perfect time to add a Dr.ColorChip paintΒ chip repair system to your detailing arsenal! For a limited time, pick up one of our Dr.ColorChip Repair Systems and save up to $600. Shop Dr.ColorChip Repair Systems I IR A e 3 LT L LR ,,? 3 RIS ,: LA LRI Happy Easter From Detail King! For a limited of time, take advantage of reduced pricing on our Mytee S300's, 300H's, 8070's, HP 60's and HP 120's. These machines are IN STOCK & READY TO SHIP while supplies last*. Take advantage of these savings while you still can! *Estimated lead times will be shown on machines that are sold out, sales price will be honored on pre-ordered machines. Shop Mytee Extractors Store Reviews facebook Β  Instagram Β  YouTube Β  twitter Detail King, 947A Old Frankstown Road,Β Pittsburgh, PA 15239, USA View web version You’re receiving this email because you’ve signed up to receive weekly updates from Company. If you’d prefer not to receive updates, you can .
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