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Welcome to Denny’s Rewards – You Made a Delicious Decision

Dennys Diner sent this email to their subscribers on May 23, 2022.

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Welcome to the tastiest rewards program around r Dennv:s LOCATIONS MENU 1 r Dennv:s LOCATIONS MENU 1 Denny’s Moons Over My Hammy® with hash browns on a white plate. All in front of a red background with dark red stars on it. Above is text that reads, “Let’s celebrate with some rewards”. Let’s Celebrate with Some Rewards! This is a big deal to us — you just became part of the Denny’s family and we’re honored! To get this relationship off on a great note, we’re giving you 20% Off your next online or in-store Denny’s order. And this is just the beginning. Link to Denny’s login page VIEW OFFER Facebook Twitter Instagram YouTube LinkedIn Download the Denny’s Mobile App link to IOS App Store, Download the Denny’s Mobile App link to Google Play Store ,
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