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Pistol Length Full Build Kits Start At JUST $269.99!!

Delta Team Tactical sent this email to their subscribers on September 25, 2023.

๐Ÿ‘‰ $5.49 Field Cleaning Kit & $24.99 Red Dot ๐Ÿ‘ˆ
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DAILY DEALS HANDGUN KITS SHOP ALL Take Your Pick From 5.56 NATO, 9mm, .300 Blackout, And More! Lockdown These Deals Davidson Defense 'Armada' 16" AR-15 .350 Legend NIT Full Build Kit Starting At:ย $324.99 Retail Price: $594.99 Your Savings: $270.00(45%) Click Here Omega Mfg. AR-15 Field Cleaning Kit Special Deal:ย $6.49 Retail Price: $9.99 Your Savings: $3.50(35%) Order Now Don't Miss Out On Restocked Combos! Buy Your Blank Amend2 A2-Stick 9mm 34-Round Black Magazine + Sylvan Arms AR-15 9mm Magwell Adapter for Glock Magazines On sale: $99.99 Retail Price: $164.99 Your Savings: $65.00(39%) Click Here DTT 'Frogger V2' 16-inch AR-15 5.56 NATO Nitride Rifle Upper Build Kit Starting At:ย $199.99 Retail Price: $464.99 Your Savings: $265.00(57%) Click Here There Is Still Time To Save BIG Shop Now 14 Pc Gun Repair Kit - 9 Brass Punches, 3 Double Ended Brushes, and 2 Double Ended Picks Today Only:ย $6.99 Retail Price: $27.99 Your Savings: $21.00(75%) Get It Before It's Gone TacFire 1x30 Dual-Illuminated Red Dot Sight w/ Cantilever Mount **Perfect For AR-15 Rifles*** Special Deal:ย $24.99 Retail Price: $99.99 Your Savings: $75.00(75%) Take It Home! There Are Over 50 High Quality Options To Choose From! Upgrade Your Build! DTT 'Quill' 9mm Complete Slide Kit - Glock 19 Compatible Starting At:ย $219.99 Retail Price: $434.99 Your Savings: $215.00(49%) Click Here Anderson Manufacturing AR-15 Stripped Lower Receiver On sale: $41.99 Retail Price: $69.99 Your Savings: $28.00(40%) Click Here Sometimes you want a build that has a more customized touch. At Delta Team Tactical we recommend starting off your custom build with one of our 80% blanks. 80% blanks are just lower receivers that have not been milled out. Since the lower receiver is the backbone of any build that makes these 80% blanks the perfect place to start your customization. We have a variety of combos available with our 80% blanksย so make sure you take your time shopping through them to find the perfect one for you. Start your customized build today and make sure you check out some other pieces to help make your next build a special one. Facebook ย  Instagram ย  Twitter ย  YouTube ยฉย 2023 Delta Team Tactical 218 N State St Orem, UT 84057ย  833-712-0255 [email protected] ย  |ย  ย  |ย  ย 
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