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Delta Team Tactical sent this email to their subscribers on November 23, 2023.

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A DELTA-TEAM e N DAILY DEALS HANDGUN KITS SHOP ALL Anorthtac 7 4@%%% PoLYMERBO % SIIL'E IBBE T STRIES 7 Ul ll-All lNB Ty - iou:;i A RCE - FO AR ORTIS N2 R G gema N BLACK FRIDAY BRAND SALE DISCOUNTS UP TO 50% OFF Discounts Have Already Been Applied! Shop Deals On Brands! Davidson Defense 'Thunder Strike' 16" AR-15 7.62x39 Nitride Rifle Upper Build Kit Starting At:Β $174.99 Retail Price: $254.99 Your Savings: $80.00(31%) Click Here 5.56 NATO UPPER BUILDS R4 YOU ASKED. WE ANSWERED. Even More Kits Have Just Been Added! Start Your Build DTT 'Spectrum Scales' 9mm Complete Slide Kit - Glock 19 Gen 1-3 Compatible Starting At:Β $279.99 Retail Price: $454.99 Your Savings: $175.00(38%) Click Here See More PP P - " . s - s s e PR l T F Enter For Your Chance To Win! S R "BLACK FRIDAY, SALE SAVE BIG ON UPGRADES, BRANDS, MORE T e e e i i i i i e e el i e e e el i 5 AMEND2 TYRANT :NAMP OY TRINITY FORCE anorthtac ABALLISTIC JM 0 AADVANTAGE St N e ivsl YA AANAA Pk It's Time To Lockdown The BEST Deals For Your Next Build! Save Today! Davidson Defense 'Insidious' 16" AR-15 5.56 NATO Nitride Rifle Upper Build Kit Starting At:Β $304.99 Retail Price: $449.99 Your Savings: $145.00(32%) Click Here Upgrading your trigger is a small change you can make to your rifle, but it makes a big difference. Having a better trigger helps create a cleaner, smoother pull. Also, if you have an unreliable trigger there is probably a chance that you are not 100% sure when your weapon will fire. Delta Team Tactical carries a variety of triggers to help improve your performance. The Fostech AR-15 Drop In Echo AR-II Binary Trigger is one of many triggers that we carry and it has some pretty cool features. This trigger has 3 settings:Β  Safe Mode: Firearm will not fire Semi-Automatic Mode: Firearm fires when trigger is pulled Echo Mode: Firearm fires when trigger is pulled and also when trigger is released For a limited time you can save up to 40% on Fostech in the Black Friday Brand Sale. Facebook Β  Instagram Β  Twitter Β  YouTube © 2023 Delta Team Tactical 218 N State St Orem, UT 84057Β  833-712-0255 [email protected] Β  |Β  Β  |Β  Β 
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