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πŸ™Œ Aero Precision Lower Build Kits On Sale ✈️

Delta Team Tactical sent this email to their subscribers on December 22, 2023.

Pair Yours With These Discounted Upper Builds Featuring Aero Receivers πŸ‘
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DELTA TEAM ALk RL4 TACTICAL 444 444 DAILY DEALS HANDGUN KITS SHOP ALL o . Now Starting at $124.99 Order Your Lower FREE t 7 USE CODE "XMAS" AT CHECKOUT Cannot Be Combined With Any Other Coupon Codes Or Promotions Don't Miss This! AR-15 UPH Grab These Reliable Builds! Going FAST Shop Now! E NS 2 SFESTIVE AR VIR Watch Video & Enter Giveaway It’s a no brainer that the lower receiver is the base of any build you’re doing whether it’s a pistol or a rifle build so you want to purchase something you can rely on. At Delta Team Tactical we provide outstanding lower receivers that will be perfect for your next build whether it’s a pistol or a rifle. If you’re feeling a bit daring you can opt to order your lower receiver unassembled or you can have one of our professionals assemble it for you. These Aero Lower Build Kits will require an FFL and if you aren’t sure what an FFL is or fullΒ the process of finding one we provide more information on our website. So get your Aero Lower Build Kits today and check out our expanse of builds. We know that you will find something you love.Β  Facebook Β  Instagram Β  Twitter Β  YouTube © 2023 Delta Team Tactical 218 N State St Orem, UT 84057Β  833-712-0255 [email protected] Β  |Β  Β  |Β  Β 
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