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πŸ“£ 80% AR Blank πŸ“£ $39.99 TODAY ONLY πŸ“£

Delta Team Tactical sent this email to their subscribers on April 18, 2024.

🀯 For As Low As $139.99 Get 5.56 Pistol Upper Builds 🀯
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i M % ] 4 / i o] [k . ] LTA TEATANACTICAL \ \\\\\\\\\\\' 4 ) H] / b AT Β£ . I DAILY DEALS HANDGUN KITS SHOP ALL DEALOF THE DAY US Tactical AR-15 80% Blank Lower 7075-T6 Aluminum Mil-Spec Forging This 80% Blank has been restocked for a limited time! Get it while you can!Β  Today Only:Β $39.99 Retail Price: $84.99 Your Savings: $45.00(53%) Add To Order LN == IS |2 GLOCK COMPATIBLE COMPLETE SLIDES WITH OPTICS C - IS o aaNNTE = A D) e S R T (O~ β€”β€” ) I (& β€” N\ o Take Your Handgun To The Next Level With These Complete Slides! More Just Restocked! Davidson Defense 'Aethelred V3' 16" AR-15 5.56 NATO Phosphate Rifle Full Build Kit Save BIG and take the hassle out of starting your next build with this best seller! Starting At:Β $329.99 Retail Price: $439.99 Your Savings: $110.00(25%) Click Here See More Full Builds Under $400 Davidson Defense AR-15 Stripped Upper M4 Feedramps - 7075 T6 Aluminum - Blemished An upper receiver that functions just as well and reliably as its non-blemished counterpart but for a low price On sale: $34.99 Retail Price: $89.99 Your Savings: $55.00(61%) Click Here See More BLEM Deals Lightweight, Compact Kits Are Just A Click Away! Don't Miss Out! Find Your Build! β€”β€”SPECIAL BUY==- Davidson Defense 'Charcoal Sunset' 16.25" AR-15 7.62x39 Nitride Rifle Complete Upper Build A hard hitting build for an email exclusive deal! What could be better? Starting At:Β $209.99 Retail Price: $309.99 Your Savings: $100.00(32%) Make This Yours β€”β€”SPECIAL BUY==- U.S.Pat:D893662 United Defense AR-15 "Holy" Ambidextrous Charging Handle Upgrade your build for LESS with this high quality, reliable charging handle Special Deal:Β $13.99 Retail Price: $49.99 Your Savings: $36.00(72%) Get Now DTT 'Hyde V1.3' 17.1-inch AR-15 .223 Wylde Stainless Rifle Full Build Kit This brand new kit features a stainless steel spiral fluted barrel for enhanced performance! Starting At:Β $429.99 Retail Price: $559.99 Your Savings: $130.00(23%) Click Here STOCK & SLING COMBOS @ Upgrade Your Build For LESS With These Combos! Shop These Deals! β€”β€”SPECIAL BUY==- RAVEL AID T RST KIT Β’ QED IN A REUSABLE BAG \ 9 Sona 55 Piece Travel First Aid Kit Stored in Reusable Bag Be confident knowing that you have everything you need in one small kit that comes in a reusable bag. Special Price: $2.49 Retail Price: $4.99 Your Savings: $2.50(50%) Don't Miss This! SCT Manufacturing G19 Gen 3 Compatible Compact Frame Assembly - Grey Crafted with precision and attention to detail this frame will turn your kit into a powerhouse! On sale: $89.99 Retail Price: $99.99 Your Savings: $10.00(10%) Click Here β€”β€”SPECIAL BUY==- DTT 'Black Gold' 9mm Full Build Kit (Everything Minus Frame) - Glock 19 Gen 1-3 Compatible Get everything you need for your handgun build, just add a frame and you're set! Starting At:Β $259.99 Retail Price: $429.99 Your Savings: $170.00(40%) Order Now See More --------------------- UNI(IUEARSWETHEPEDPL'EfimFLEWITH 1 3 T T Ol S i) BUNDLE \ BT \~ e - : β€˜ \ ;f?β€˜: = % ,f,u%}u...,,,.e g Pnfgfion Enter For Your Chance To WIN DTT 'Diplomat's Word' 16-inch LR-308 .308 Win Phosphate Rifle Complete Upper Build A kitΒ that reaches further and has more power and you save over $100! Starting At:Β $379.99 Retail Price: $494.99 Your Savings: $115.00(23%) Click Here AR-15 KAK Blade Pistol Arm Stabilizer Brace & Omega Mfg. Pistol Buffer Tube Kit A perfect duo for the perfect AR-15 pistol! Special Deal:Β $44.99 Retail Price: $89.99 Your Savings: $45.00(50%) Take This Home Davidson Defense 'Black Tuesday' 7.5-inch AR-15 5.56 NATO Stainless Pistol Upper Build Kit GetΒ superior weapon handling with manageable recoil and high accuracy. Starting At:Β $149.99 Retail Price: $214.99 Your Savings: $65.00(30%) Click Here The .308 Winchester has been around since the early 1950s and has done a good job making its mark on history. From military use to civilian use there are many advantages that come with using a .308 Win that we want to take a look at. To start, this caliber is an excellent hunting round and its versatility alone should be enough to make you want your next build to be a 308 Win. It is ideal for hunting medium to large-sized game, although some may say it’s a bit underpowered for hunting elk or brown bears. The .308 Winchester has decent bullet weight and velocity and is available in every rifle action type; bolt, lever, semi-auto, pump, and single-shot. Get you .308 WIN Upper Build for a DEAL with incredible savings from DTT! Facebook Β  Instagram Β  Twitter Β  YouTube © 2024 Delta Team Tactical 218 N State St Orem, UT 84057Β  833-712-0255 [email protected] Β  |Β  Β  |Β  Β 
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