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$44.99 Glock Compatible SPSR Trigger - TODAY ONLY πŸ”«

Delta Team Tactical sent this email to their subscribers on May 21, 2023.

GET YOUR FREE Ambi 60/90 Safety Selector Before Time Runs Out!
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Py S DELTA TEAM TACTICAL DAILY DEALS HANDGUN KITS SHOP ALL DEALOF THE DAY TF Tactical SPSRF 2.0 - Black/Black - Black Billet Trigger Shoe/Black Trigger Safety, with Bar, Glock Compatible Today ONLY:Β $44.99 Retail Price: $119.99 Your Savings: $75.00(63%) Add To Cart SILIANGETNY YiTE 10% EIFF FILL UPPER BUILOS! - v ;". *-mm o '-4 .kp,, l: w S - P Start Your Custom Build! LI UUTTL AU TN AURER UTTUL LR T LR TTUL LU UL TN S R 000 TULLL TR AU 1 TUURE UL UL LU Amend 2 AR-15 30 Round Magazine - 10-Pack On sale: $79.99 Retail Price: $139.99 Your Savings: $60.00(43%) Click Here SPECIAL BUY- MY R R R B B B N N L F N L E g Gauntlet Arms "Shackleton" High Profile 19" LR-308 M-Lok Handguard Special Price:Β $49.99 Retail Price: $149.99 Your Savings: $100.00(67%) Order This Today! This Is Your Sign To Upgrade Your Build With A New Trigger! Upgrade & Save! Davidson Defense 'Lean' 16-inch AR-15 .223 Nitride Rifle 80% Build Kit Starting At:Β $314.99 Retail Price: $579.99 Your Savings: $265.00(46%) Best Seller! WITH $85 PURCHASE AR-15 AMBI 6090 SAFETY SELECTOR *AUTO ADDED AT CHECKOUT Get This Deal! NEW PRODUCT Amend2 SR-25/AR-10 7.62x51 20-Round Black Magazine MOD-2 Model On sale: $15.99 Retail Price: $17.99 Your Savings: $2.00(11%) Click Here SPECIAL BUY- H&K Vertical Grip - Long Special Price:Β $14.99 Retail Price: $49.99 Your Savings: $35.00(70%) Make It Yours Checkout The Newest Rifle Bowling Episode And Enter The Giveaway! Watch & Enter SPECIAL BUY- Davidson Defense 'Ammosaurus' 16" AR-15 5.56 NATO Nitride Rifle Full Kit Drop-in Trigger Ready Starting At:Β $304.99 Retail Price: $554.99 Your Savings: $250.00(45%) Grab This Deal! Picture this: you’ve been out hunting for hours when you finally have the perfect shot set up. You move to pull your trigger and as you do you notice that the pull almost feels like there’s sand in your trigger. It’s rough and doesn’t feel the way it should and you end up missing your shot. Having a crappy trigger can greatly affect your accuracy which is why you need to upgrade your trigger NOW. Triggers from fantastic brands like FosTecH make all the difference when you are out shooting. Β Trigger upgrades are fast and simple and make a difference almost immediately. Shop through Delta Team Tactical’s extensive collection of trigger upgrades now! Save 15% at checkout! Facebook Β  Instagram Β  Twitter Β  YouTube © 2023 Delta Team Tactical 218 N State St Orem, UT 84057Β  833-712-0255 [email protected] Β  |Β  Β  |Β  Β 
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