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๐Ÿšจ 30 Of The BEST 80% Blank Combos ๐Ÿšจ

Delta Team Tactical sent this email to their subscribers on July 21, 2023.

Complete Slides Starting At $164.99 Ending SOON!
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DAILY DEALS HANDGUN KITS SHOP ALL Scoping Out Deals On Quality Products Can Be A Challenge Which Is Why You Can Now Shop The Top 30 80% Blank Combos And Full Build Kits $399.99 Or LESS.ย Find Everything You Need To Make The Ultimate Build With The Deals Below! SPECIAL BUY- Adaptive Tactical AR-15 EX Performance Adjustable Stock & Omega Mfg. Mil-Spec Buffer Tube Kit Combo Special Deal:ย $34.99 Retail Price: $99.99 Your Savings: $65.00(65%) Order Now DTT 'Ammophilia V2' 16-inch AR-15 5.56 NATO Nitride Rifle Full Build Kit Starting At:ย $304.99 Retail Price: $569.99 Your Savings: $265.00(46%) Click Here BU% S LCEIMBEIS Take Your Pick From Builds, Kits, Combos, And More! Grab These Blanks! A DIVISION OF NcSTAR M-LOK COVERS ACCESSORY SLIP RESISTANT 2SS Ve I EASY TO INSTALL RAILCOVER LOCKS INTO PLACE HEAT RESISTANT PATENT PENDING AT VISM BLACK M-LOK Rail Handguard Slot Covers - 18 Piece Pack On sale: $7.99 Retail Price: $13.99 Your Savings: $6.00(43%) Checkout This Discount! SPECIAL BUY- Davidson Defense 'Kismet' 18" AR-15 .350 Legend Nitride Rifle Full Build Kit Starting At:ย $299.99 Retail Price: $579.99 Your Savings: $280.00(48%) Make It Yours FULL BUILD KITS #355.38 N 5 S EVERYTHING MINUS THE LOWER Take The Hassle Out Of Creating Your Next Build With These Kits! Shop Now!!! Davidson Defense 'Midnight Exigent' 16" AR-15 .223 Nitride Rifle Complete Upper Build Starting At:ย $289.99 Retail Price: $549.99 Your Savings: $260.00(47%) Click Here Red Dot +ย Flip Up Sight Combo: Ronin M-10 Red Dot + Polymer Flip Up Sight Set On sale: $99.99 Retail Price: $129.99 Your Savings: $30.00(23%) Click Here NEW STRIPPED LOWERS """" FORATIMITED TIME ONLY gt Ny msmnmm $39-99 These Lowers Are Almost Gone! Don't Wait! Order Now! Deals Going FAST DEALOF THE DAY AR-15 Front and Rear Take Down Pin w/ Quick Pull Ring Today Only:ย $7.49 Retail Price: $14.99 Your Savings: $7.50(50%) Don't Miss This! SPECIAL BUY- Omega Mfg. Pistol Buffer Tube Foam Cover Special Deal:ย $1.50 Retail Price: $4.99 Your Savings: $3.49(70%) Take It Home! COMPATIBLE 2 Prices On Slides Are Going Up SOON! Secure These Savings Today! Shop Slides ALMOST GONE Davidson Defense '10-Bone' 5.5" AR-15 10mm Nitride Pistol Full Build Kitย  Starting At:ย $319.99 Retail Price: $579.99 Your Savings: $260.00(45%) Click Here Polymer80 - PFC9 Serialized Compact Complete Pistol Frame - FDE On sale: $69.99 Retail Price: $149.99 Your Savings: $80.00(53%) Click Here Letโ€™s face it. Firearms are expensive whether you are buying one brand new or going down the road of building one yourself. Customizing your build takes a lot of time and money on an already expensive full build. At Delta Team Tactical we have AR- 15 full build kits for just $399.99 or less. Choose between rifle or pistol and then decide which caliber you want and then youโ€™re golden. These builds are designed to give you that unique, custom feel you want without ridiculously high prices. There are dozens of builds to choose from with varying barrel lengths as well. Just because builds are budget friendly does not mean they have to be plain, boring, and unreliable. Save some money and shop AR-15 Full Build Kits today.ย  Facebook ย  Instagram ย  Twitter ย  YouTube ยฉย 2023 Delta Team Tactical 218 N State St Orem, UT 84057ย  833-712-0255 [email protected] ย  |ย  ย  |ย  ย 
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