240416 Workout of the Day: a Little Wobbly

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Tuesday, April 16: Push the pace on the bike and don’t game it. Exiting the bike a little wobbly is what makes this workout fun.

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CrossFit CrossFit Workout of the Day 0G0 g OF THE DAY TUESDAY, APRIL 16 3 rounds for time of: 75 double-unders 15/21-calorie Echo bike 5 front squats W: 155 lb M: 225 lb VIEW THE WORKOUT Photo by Meg Ellery at Ocean State CrossFit in Cranston, Rhode Island. Scaling Options Today’s workout is meant to be a heavy sprint. Regardless of the other two movements, push the pace on the bike and don’t game it. Exiting the bike a little wobbly is what makes this workout fun. The 5 front squats should be tough and feel heavy; however, you should be able to clean the barbell to start the reps and perform each set unbroken. Intermediate 3 rounds for time of: 35 double-unders 10/15-calorie Echo bike 5 front squats W: 125 lb M: 185 lb Beginner 3 rounds for time of: 75 single-unders 7/10-calorie Echo bike 5 front squats W: 55 lb M: 75 lb Resources → The Double-under → The Front Squat → The Single-under → Shop: Rogue Echo Bike CrossFit has published a Workout of the Day every day since 2001. It has evolved to include scaling options and intended stimulus and is designed to be accessible to everyone — the new CrossFit athlete, the seasoned veteran, and anyone in between. When utilizing the Workout of the Day, you'll find core CrossFit programming in a three-days-on, one-day-off, two-days-on, one-day-off cadence that will help any athlete develop a broad base of fitness by embracing constantly varied functional movements executed at high intensity anywhere in the world. GliosSEils YouTube Instagram Facebook Twitter Spotify LinkedIn CrossFit Games App CrossFit Games App Copyright © 2024 CrossFit, LLC, CrossFit®, Forging Elite Fitness®, 3...2...1...Go!®, Fittest on Earth®, and Sport of Fitness® are trademarks of CrossFit, LLC in the U.S. and/or other countries. All Rights Reserved. This email was sent by CrossFit, LLC. 3623 Crossings Dr. Suite 223, Prescott, AZ 86305. You received this email because you're in the subscription group "Workout of the Day." If you'd like to stop receiving emails similar to this one, no problem. You can review and update your at any time or . Are you new here? If someone forwarded this email to you and you would like to receive future email communications from CrossFit, visit to opt in.
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