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Cottonballlights USA sent this email to their subscribers on October 22, 2022.

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From today, you will receive 50% discount on lots of products. This is because we are going to renew our product range! cQtton ball lights the avigimal r N e T A J A On ALL selected items! LI DISCOUNT! Hi cottonballlights-usa,  From today, you get 50% off a lot of products! We are renewing our assortment, so this is your chance to buy our sale items at a great discount.  The promotion is valid while stocks last, so hurry!  TO WEBSHOP DISCOUNT 0% DISCOUNT 50% DISCOUNT STRING LIGHT 20 LIGHTS RUSTY TRIPLE HANGING LAMP PALE PINK STRING LIGHT 35 LIGHTS ADORE 50% DISCOUNT FIVEFOLD HANGING LAMP BLUSHY GREYS STRING LIGHT 20 LIGHTS BROWN TRIPLE HANGING LAMP WILD WOOD SHOP NOW Foto van Iris, Cotton Ball Lights Can I help you? Do you have questions about a product or an order? Please feel free to contact our customer service via our chat, the number +31 (0) 76 514 18 34 or email us at [email protected], then we will help you quickly. Love, Iris from Cotton Ball Lights Web SiteInstagramFacebookPinterestYouTube Cotton Ball Lights Hekven 2D, 4824AE Breda, The Netherlands +31 (0)76 514 18 34 [email protected] Onze score is 4,8 uit 5 Trustpilot Stars Trustpilot Logo *Trustpilot Sie erhalten diese E-Mail, weil Sie Kunde von Cotton Ball Lights sind oder weil Sie unseren Newsletter abonniert haben. E-Mails nicht mehr empfangen? Sie können sich schnell und einfach abmelden indem sie hier klicken.  
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