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Healthy & hydrated skin in minutes.
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HOME SHOP BLOG STOCKISTS One lngredient One-Step Learn how Conscious Coconut is your winter skin savior SHOP SITEWIDE 15% OFF Dealing with dry, irritated skin this season? Coconut Oil will soothe all things itchy, rashy and red. Apply, heal hydrate all at the same time! HOW DOES IT WORK? Oo f HYDRATES with fatty acids to lock in moisture. REPAIRS with Vitamin E to regenerate skin cells and reduce the appearance of dark spots. PROTECTS from free radicals, toxins, and dirt thanks to CoCo's protective barrier. SHOP 15% OFF No code needed, automatically applied at checkout. AS SEEN IN COSMOPOLITAN AS SEEN IN Southern Living CONSCIOUS COCONUT 1 : Coconut [email protected] FAIR TRADE CERTIFIED CERTIFIED ORGANIC 8 oz 237 mL AS SEEN IN fiN DAYSPA CONSCIOUS COCONUT Govwink Oct Wepes HYDRATING 5 FAIR TRA 25 COCO! 408.75 943 D NOT YOUR ORDINARY COCONUT OIL 6 Certified USDA Cold Pressed Fair Trade Organic No Heat Virgin Every Product Sold Sustainably Feeds A Child in Need Packaged
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