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Advertisement eNewspaperΒ  Β |Β  Β  CrosswordsΒ Β  |Β  Β Horoscopes Read in browser THE DAILY BRIEFING YOUR MORNING NEWS ROUNDUP Mon Apr 8 2024 Happy eclipse day, Cincinnati! If you're in the right place at the right time today, you could experience the greatest show in the universe, a total solar eclipse. The Daily Briefing 1 The countdown to the solar eclipse is over. Aubrey Gemignani/NASA It's important to note that if you're in the city of Cincinnati or Northern Kentucky, you will not see a total solar eclipse. Many places in the area will experience only 98-99% of the sun blocked by the moon, which is big difference. Although the sky will likely darken and the temperature will drop a little, people outside the path of totality will not experience the full dazzling effects. The city of Cincinnati has not had a total solar eclipse since 1395 and still won't see full totality until the year 3046. So finding your way to totality should be your ultimate goal if you want to catch the astronomical event of a lifetime. If not now, when? Cincinnati's favorite astronomer Dean Regas breaks it all down for you right here. And if you want to follow our live eclipse coverage throughout the day, visit our blog here. Whether you find your way to totality or not, enjoy the show. WHAT ELSE YOU NEED TO KNOW MONDAY, APRIL 8 🌀️ Weather: High of 72. Intervals of clouds and sunshine. 🍻 The 2024 Cincinnati's Favorite Beer winner is crowned. ⚾ Spencer Steer has taken another step in Year 2, but not much has changed. πŸ“– How the catastrophic Xenia, Blue Ash tornadoes brought chaos to Ohio. πŸ—³οΈ Joe Biden may not make Ohio ballot, Secretary of State warns. – New here?  – TOP STORIES WHEN WILL THE ECLIPSE HAPPEN IN CINCINNATI? USE YOUR ZIP CODE TO FIND OUT Promo art for graphics only to use. Learn all about the 2024 solar eclipse that will be visible across a wide swath of the United States. READ MORE Advertisement John Shulan, president of the Summit County Astronomy Club looks through a telescope at the observation site at the Bath Nature Preserve on Friday, Sept. 1, 2023, in Bath Township, Ohio. GET LIVE SOLAR ECLIPSE COVERAGE MONDAY. HERE'S HOW Visit as the solar eclipse makes its way across the country and into Ohio. READ MORE A common wall lizard, also known colloquially as the Lazarus lizard, basks in the sun on the pavement on Thursday, Aug. 17, 2023 at the Theodore M. Berry International Friendship Park in East End. WHERE DID INVASIVE LAZARUS LIZARDS COME FROM? | JUST ASKIN' They came across the Atlantic and made a new home in the Queen City. How did they get here? READ MORE Walton Mayor Gabe Brown announced his resignation at a special city council meeting March 27. AN NKY MAYOR RESIGNED. THEN HE CHANGED HIS MIND. WHAT HAPPENS NOW? Walton Mayor Gabe Brown said, "It has become clear the council wants to sully my name and reputation." READ MORE A macro photograph fibers of the mineral chrysotile asbestos taken from the host rock with tweezers. EPA HAS BANNED ASBESTOS, BUT IT'S STILL AROUND. HERE'S WHAT TO KNOW The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has banned asbestos, but the substance lingers in buildings across Cincinnati. Here's what you should know. READ MORE Advertisement ELECTIONS /2024 Know Your Vote VOTE WITH CONFIDENCE This 7-day newsletter course will help you be an informed voter before Nov. 5. SIGN UP NOW SUBSCRIBE TODAY Our Reporting. Your Stories. Full access to subscriber-only content on all devices. Β  Share bonus subscription with a family member or friend. Β  The universal eNewspaper, the digital version of our print paper, plus bonus monthly magazines and hundreds of local papers. Β  Original reporting of our hometown teams, from high school sports to the pros. NewslettersΒ  Β |Β  Β  eNewspaperΒ  Β |Β  Β Crosswords Follow Us Problem viewing email? Β β€’ Β Manage Newsletters Β β€’ Β Β Β β€’ Β  Β β€’ Β  Privacy NoticeΒ  β€’Β Β  Β β€’ Β Feedback
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