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Top 10 AI Projects — Supercharge your Résumé with in July 2023 ! | Ritesh Kanjee in Augmented Startups

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chatbots-life Stories for chatbots-life @dealtown_p3b6sekjdd·Become a member Medium daily digest Today's highlights Augmented Startups Ritesh Kanjee in Augmented Startups· 6 min read Top 10 AI Projects — Supercharge your Résumé with in July 2023 ! What if I told you that the secret to standing out in your job search or freelance bids lies in the power of… Entrepreneur's Handbook Rachel Greenberg in Entrepreneur's Handbook· 7 min read Member-only content 2 Truths and a Lie That Are Sabotaging Your Startup’s Sales Cut the smooth-talking B.S. and use these three tactics instead. Wes O'Donnell Wes O'Donnell· 5 min read Member-only content Which Weapons Could North Korea Sell to Russia? As you have likely heard, North Korea’s ‘hermit-in-chief’ Kim Jong Un has arrived in Russia today — no doubt…· 9 min read Member-only content Only A Supervillain Could Stop Climate Change We need to destroy this civilization to ‘save’ the climate Joan Westenberg Joan Westenberg· 4 min read Dear Men: You Deserve So Much More Than The Hustle. Lately, on X in particular, I’ve noticed a worrying trend: guys in their early 20s bragging about how they… Towards Data Science Will Keefe in Towards Data Science· 12 min read Member-only content Should We Be Virtualizing Our Data Science Systems—or Not? It can be hard to navigate the pros and cons of virtualizing data science processes, but some power and… AfroSapiophile Allison Wiltz in AfroSapiophile· 6 min read Member-only content Segregation Ended in Some Ways, But Not Where It Matters Why we're still living in segregated communities Bouncin’ and Behavin’ Blogs Jason Provencio in Bouncin’ and Behavin’ Blogs· 5 min read Member-only content You’re Only as Good as Your Person Is Your Relationship Can Make Your Life Wonderful or Hell Coinmonks Harshita Katiyar in Coinmonks· 10 min read Tools to create and grow your Web3 startup Are you looking to launch and expand your Web3 startup in the exciting world of NFTs, DeFi, DApps, and DAOs… Better Humans Wyatt J. Dagit, M.Div., BCC in Better Humans· 7 min read Member-only content A Hospital Chaplain’s Guide to Better Listening In our culture, conversation tends to be transactional. Here’s how to move beyond this. CodeX Christianlauer in CodeX· 3 min read Member-only content Google just launched BigQuery Studio How the brand new Feature eases Data Analysis & Science Tasks Accelerated Intelligence Michael Simmons in Accelerated Intelligence· 29 min read Member-only content So Passionate You Never Stop Improving: The Secret Behind the Success Of… The top performers in the history of art, science, entrepreneurship, and leadership all swear by the power of… Miyah Byrd Miyah Byrd· 12 min read Member-only content The Appeal of #TradWife Life Can’t Be Ignored. I Should Know. I Grew Up With Them. Globetrotters Sharika Hafeez in Globetrotters· 5 min read Member-only content I Crossed One of the World’s Most Dangerous Bridges The Hussaini Suspension Bridge: A precarious rope bridge in Northern Pakistan Predict Will Lockett in Predict· 6 min read Member-only content Tesla Should Be Worried About Toyota Forget the 4680; this is the battery breakthrough we have been waiting for. SEE MORE OF WHAT YOU LIKE AND LESS OF WHAT YOU DON’T. Control your recommendations READ FROM ANYWHERE. Get Medium on the App Store Get Medium on Google Play Sent by Medium·Medium, 548 Market St, PMB 42061, San Francisco, CA 94104 from this type of email·Switch to the Weekly Digest·Careers·Help Center··
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