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How are marketers using Generative AI? | David Leibowitz in UX Collective

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Chatbots Life Stories for Chatbots Life @dealtown_p3b6sekjdd·Become a member Medium Daily Digest Today's highlights UX Collective David Leibowitz in UX Collective· 10 min read Member-only content How are marketers using Generative AI? Real-world practical examples of transforming customer engagement. Towards Data Science Leonie Monigatti in Towards Data Science· 7 min read Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG): From Theory to LangChain Implementation From the theory of the original academic paper to its Python implementation with OpenAI, Weaviate, and… George Turner George Turner· 5 min read In a second, my life changed. Within the last year, I have been in hospital for 6 months. Dare To Be Better Richard Warepam in Dare To Be Better· 4 min read Top 50+ ChatGPT Personas for Custom Instructions: Get Free Ebook Boost Your AI Conversations: A Deep Dive into 50+ Personas for Tailored, Engaging Interactions Better Humans Wyatt J. Dagit in Better Humans· 6 min read Member-only content Silence Is a Superpower Here’s how you conquer silence for greater connection and a deeper understanding of yourself and other people EthicAL EthicAL· 4 min read Member-only content I Asked ChatGPT To Solve The Trolley Problem: Here’s What I Found PhilosopherGPT Exposed Kevin Goedecke Kevin Goedecke· 7 min read 3 Tools to Generate PowerPoint with AI from Text AI allows you generate PowerPoint presentations from text with a few clicks. We’ve tested 3 tools, read on to… Grief Book Club Beth Riungu in Grief Book Club· 4 min read Member-only content Watching Flowers Die A meditation on aging as autumn tends toward winter. The Generator Thomas Smith in The Generator· 8 min read Member-only content OpenAI Quietly Launched New Features. They’re As Big a Deal as the Original… The changes signal the start of a real ecosystem for OpenAI’s tech The Ugly Monster Sam Hollon in The Ugly Monster· 9 min read The Art of Mystery in RPGs Five principles for better investigation adventures Javarevisited Skilled Coder in Javarevisited· 4 min read Member-only content Java Memory Leaks: Silent Killers in Your Application Best practices to avoid deadly memory leaks in java Mac O’Clock Mark Ellis in Mac O’Clock· 5 min read Member-only content The Big Question About the Mac mini And will there ever be an M3 Mac mini? Cobus Greyling Cobus Greyling· 6 min read OpenAI Assistant With Retriever Tool Assistants are really an OpenAI version of Autonomous Agents. The vision of OpenAI with the Assistant API is… Embedded Brand Strategy Michelle Wiles in Embedded Brand Strategy· 7 min read The 3 fashion product strategies How to align product and brand strategy to create a profitable fashion business Level Up Coding Yanli Liu in Level Up Coding· 8 min read Member-only content Upgrade Your Retrieval Augmented Generation with Self-RAG A new research method teaching LLMs to retrieve, generate, and critique through self-reflection SEE MORE OF WHAT YOU LIKE AND LESS OF WHAT YOU DON’T. Control your recommendations READ FROM ANYWHERE. Get Medium on the App Store Get Medium on Google Play Sent by Medium·Medium, 548 Market St, PMB 42061, San Francisco, CA 94104 from this type of email·Switch to the Weekly Digest·Careers·Help Center··
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