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Our buddy Eron Knox is on a TV show??🤩

Car Supplies Warehouse sent this email to their subscribers on January 18, 2023.

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o R i G Premiering tonight on the History Channel, Dirty Old Cars; a new detailing show, will be featuring our very good friend and previous DetailWise instructor, Eron Knox of Red's Detailing!! We got a call with him spilling the beans that his shop would be featured in on the show bringing some of the most beat up and absolutely destroyed vehicles back to tip top shape. Of course we jumped in to help him out, we couldn't let our boy show his shop without new equipment! We set him up with some new technology to tackle all the unthinkable. With him being a co-owner of the brand KxK Dynamics and knowing what is the best of the VERY best, we were stoked to provide him with the latest from Dry Ice Energy and a shiny new Mytee spot extractor. We can't wait to see him tackle this endeavor and what shenanigans he gets up to, but we hope you'll join us in being glued to the tv tonight supporting at 10 pm EST! Sneak Peak! Dirty Old Cars on the History Channel Sneak Peak In celebration of this awesome collaboration we're offering 15% off on applicable items sitewide on Car Supplies Warehouse, just use code: DIRTYREDS15 in checkout. *Restrictions apply Check out KxK Dynamics You will not be disappointed.  Shop Now To learn more about the products we supplied, check them out below! DRY ICE ENERGY | CHAMP TURBO - DRY ICE BLASTING MACHINE Champ Turbo impresses with the use of Dry Ice Energy Power Pellets and abrasive blasting media.  Shop Now MYTEE | S-300H TEMPO HEATED SPOTTER EXTRACTOR Don’t let its small size fool you it's a powerhouse.  Shop Now Follow him on social if you aren't already and get ready to be amazed and entertained with the magic he creates. carguysupplies carguysupplies YouTube The Detail Solutions Podcast Listen as he details how he was selected to be one of the show stars! On Spotify NOW!
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