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TODAY! Receive Lab Diamond Studs with purchase over $1,000. Surprise Earrings with all other purchases. BRILLIANT EARTH" GO BEYOND CONFLICT-FREE: ENJOY FREE SHIPPING & RETURNS ON YOUR BRILLIANTLY CRAFTED NECKLACE Shop Now Eangagement Rings Engagement Rings Wedding Bands Wedding Bands Fine Jewalry Fine Jewelry WHAT SETS US APART Free Shipping and Returns 30-day returns I Lifetime Warranty Unique Designs & Expert Craftsmanship N2 Sustainably Sourced Giving Back Terms Condlitions; Customers who make purchases totaling over $1,000 during the offer period will receive a Siver Lola Paperciip Bricelet. Customers who mae purchess fotaling over $3,000 during the offer period will receive a Silver Lola Paperclip Blacelet and Silver Glamond Bar Bracglet. This ofier may not be combined with any other offer and cannot be applied retroactively. Eligible customers will only receive prome iems once, regardless of e mumber of quartying purchases during the offer period. Limited quantities svalabie and Cifor 15 whilQ SUpIies Tast. T jewelry oftered in'this promo cannt be exchanged or returned for refund and will not be replaced if misplaced, lost or stolen. If an ftems from the purchase over $3,000 is returned, and the remaining value of the purchase is less than 43,000, Shen the ciamond bar bracelct must be returned, I an frems fom purchase over $1,000 15 returned, and the remaining value of the purchase is less than $1,000, then the paparcip bracele must also be retumea. If e offerod jewelry has aiready been shipped to D pirthaser st e ofsue retun, then the purchase: st i e arored ey Bk 1o Briliant Earth, or it retait value will e deducted ffom any fefund. Brilant Ear rescrves the right, in 1% sole discretion, o not provide any jowelry n the event of any fraud o7 Gaception, Sn 1o Ubeiiuie jewery Based 1 avatabily Farchaser olly respaniole or reforting and paying any dpphcable faxes associated with the recept of 1he Jowern Brillins Earih 1s nbt Jesponsible for Internet, telephone. elecironic, hardware, software: ek of computer mauncions, fmlares of Sifcaies The ofe tarmd s subject o any tme without prior Hotlce. Gther resirctions may a s orter Begins O Warch 15, 2023 st 1Z00AM PT and ends March 20, 2033 ot 11:598M PT. -0 Open in browser Brilliant Earth | 300 Grant Ave. | San Francisco, CA 94108 | United States
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