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🎷Dave Pollack Battles it out with Black and Silver Label Reeds!

Boston Sax Shop Store sent this email to their subscribers on July 17, 2023.

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The Boston Sax Shop BLACK LABEL VS. SILVER LABEL REEDS 🎷 BSS Ambassador Dave Pollack made a fantastic video comparing the new Silver Label reeds to our best-selling Black Label reeds. From a medium swing, to a ballad and a pop tune, his versatility as a player is complimented by the versatility of the reeds as he shows how each cut allows him to make unique sonic colors. β€œI use every reed in every box that I get. They’re consistent for me and consistent for everyone that I know…” - Dave Pollack Β Hear Dave Pollack play the Black and Silver Label reeds!Β  The Boston Sax Shop The Boston Sax Shop, 107 Brighton Ave #3, Boston, MA 02134, USA Powered by Squarespace
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